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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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Useful properties of an eggplant
Полезные свойства баклажанаEggplant – vegetable, habitual for many, it it is possible to fry, extinguish, bake. And it is possible with its help and to be treated. Also it is loved by those who seeks to grow thin, after all in 100 of its grams of only 28 kcal.
Chicken with apples in an oven
Курица с яблоками в духовкеChicken, probably, the most universal product which is perfectly combined with any garnishes, sauces and seasonings. Each hostess knows at least one recipe of preparation of a chicken for a holiday table.
How to prepare a mojito
Как приготовить мохитоThe summer heat forces people to be ready to do anything to receive though a little saving cool. We install conditioners, we buy fans, we cook soft drinks and we stock up with ice in the freezer. Especially for those who was tired of summer heat, the mojito was invented. This wonderful cocktail not only will bring a cool, but also will present cheerfulness for all day.
Recipe of tomato soup
Рецепт томатного супаWhat can be better than some hot, nourishing soup for lunch? Of course, the soup cooked from unusual ingredients. Soup which we to you suggest to cook today, not only will feed your relatives, but also will surprise with unusual structure of products.
Recipe of taka
Рецепт такоSouth America presented to the world a set of recipes of simple and tasty food. One of them is the taka. The juicy and nourishing snack can turn usual evening into the real event, and its preparation will not take away a lot of time and forces.
Advantage of cucumbers
Польза огурцовOne of the most popular products on our tables is the cucumber. The fresh smell of early vegetable is a sign of approach of summer, and also that in a diet at last there will be juicy salatik. It is known that 97% of specific weight are occupied by water which contains weight useful macro - and microcells. However that else we know about a cucumber?
How to prepare okroshka
Как приготовить окрошкуWith the cooled soup, a name to which "okroshka", almost each person is familiar. Okroshka during a heat is especially good, it well satisfies hunger and refreshes. Probably, in each family there is the recipe of preparation of summer soup and the small secrets.
Useful properties of a marjoram
Полезные свойства майоранаMarjoram call a plant from Yasnotkov' family. The name of this spice is translated from the Arabic language as "incomparable". It is necessary to tell that it actually indeed. About features of this spice there is a mass of legends. For example, in Ancient Egypt the bouquet of a marjoram was given as a sign of sincere admiration.
Preparation of chicken hearts
Приготовление куриных сердечекThan to surprise the family today for dinner? How many times this question arose before each hostess and as soon as she did not exercise the wit to find on it the answer! The infinite culinary sites, calls to girlfriends "And what at you for dinner?", questions on a forum "Girls, well to prepare?!".
Useful properties of zucchini
Полезные свойства цукиниZucchinis call the European grade of a vegetable marrow. It treats grassy annual plants from family pumpkin, from pumpkin subspecies the ordinary. The homeland of a vegetable marrow America is considered. By the way, inhabitants of this continent long time considered vegetable marrows inedible. In food applied only seeds of vegetable marrows.
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