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Councils for a choice and maintenance of pets of all species and breeds. Read about care of cats and dogs, parrots and rodents, small fishes and reptiles: as it is correct to feed, about diseases and their treatment.
Pets: all articles
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American curl, features of breed
Американский керл, особенности породыBreed an American curl presented to the world of lovely cats with curled ears. Soon after the emergence these clever, cheerful and active pets won wide popularity and won against standards of conservative factory owners who considered a phenomenon of their look as physical pathology.
Treatment of rhinotracheitis at cats
Лечение ринотрахеита у кошекMany owners of the cats infected with rhinotracheitis simply do not attach significance to its symptoms. Therefore do not even guess that their pets are seriously sick. That also consists in it insidiousness of this disease. At first sight it can look as usual cold, but actually this disease is much more dangerous. Therefore all fans of cats should know about this disease more.
Cat breed Turkish van
Порода кошек турецкий ванVansky cat or Turkish van – breed of semi-long-haired cats which is one of the most ancient in the world. Fluffy pets were brought absolutely incidentally, however their optimistical spirit, unusual appearance and confident character granted the right for existence of the whole breed of these representatives who became so popular today.
How to look after a polecat
Как ухаживать за хорькомDomestic polecats, along with manual rats, decorative rabbits, turtles, iguanas, pythons and other exotic animals, become more and more popular today. However in leaving this representative of the marten is much more exacting, than a dog or a cat. How it is correct to contain and look after a domestic ferret?
Abyssinian cat: features of breed
Абиссинская кошка: особенности породыIn the world there are a lot of cat breeds, but not all of them can brag of sincere attachment to the owner. And here the Abyssinian cat can. Devotion is a distinctive feature of this breed.
Parvoviral enteritis at dogs
Парвовирусный энтерит у собакThe main causative agent of this disease is considered parvovirus. This virus quite resistant and therefore can survive even under many adverse conditions. Thus the activator is capable to be quietly nearly a year in environment. So, the activator most often settles down in the frozen parenchymatous bodies or in excrement of animals.
Panleukopenia at cats
Панлейкопения у кошекPanleukopenia at cats is caused DNK-parvovirusom. This activator is quite stable to environment. Besides, it possesses resistance to many disinfectants, and also to influence of high temperature. The main way of transfer is direct contact with a sick animal, the infected objects of environment, leaving subjects.
Sterilization of cats: methods and consequences
Стерилизация кошек: методы и последствияRecently in increasing frequency owners fluffy a murok consciously go for sterilization of the alumnae. Perhaps, people began to realize that representatives cat's, not possessing breeding value, should not produce similar.
Depriving treatment at dogs
Лечение лишая у собакOur domestic pets, unfortunately, are ill at least us. Any beginning dog breeder has to know at least in general symptoms of the most widespread diseases of animals in time to give help to the favourite. Today together with we will consider quite "prilipchivy" and dangerous to a dog and an illness - deprive of the person.
Bengalese cat: features of breed
Бенгальская кошка: особенности породыExpression about that a cat – the animal who walks in itself, has no relation to Bengalese breed. It is difficult to find pets more devoted to the owner among cat's family. If you decide to get to yourself a Bengalese kitten, except a nice animal, you will at once get also the loyal friend for many years.
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On December 11, 1910 the train following along a route Luisvill-Neshvill beside the town Kirklandkleyt hit a cow who, having flown away aside, brought down from feet watching the going train of the Black which flew away aside and knocked out spirit from the dog standing in the same place.