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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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Use of camphor oil It is useful to know
Применение камфорного маслаCamphor oil in traditional medicine is used not one decade, but recently even more often it is possible to hear, as about its advantage, and harm. Where the truth and where lie, and how exactly it is necessary to apply camphor oil that it brought to health only benefit - these questions are in detail considered in article.
As it is correct to drink absinthe liqueur It is useful to know
Как правильно пить абсентWith disorder of the Soviet Union unprecedented earlier alcoholic beverages came to our country many. And the compatriots who got used to traditional drinks asked a question: - "And how to drink it?"
Floristics for beginners It is useful to know
Флористика для начинающихAgree that it is very pleasant and joyful to receive flowers as a gift. With their help it is possible to express the feelings and emotions, for example, love, gratitude, respect. The flower composition which is present at the room draws attention, improves an interior.
How to learn to dance a waltz It is useful to know
Как научиться танцевать вальсThis dance one of the most known and romantic. It is danced at many parties and balls, and its mastering becomes popular. Valls is esteemed in many countries of the world. To be able to waltz it became prestigious, after all this one of rules of mastering good manners.
How to learn to dance belly dance It is useful to know
Как научиться танцевать танец животаIn east countries the female stomach was always property of the public, part of culture, object of admiration and worship. The nakedness which is hardly covered with a translucent strip of fabric does not deprive this part of a female body of appeal inherent in it, even on the contrary at all.
It is useful to know use of castor oil
Применение касторового маслаFor people of the senior generation castor oil is peculiar "nightmare" from the childhood, after all besides treatment, it applied and as a horror story to disobedient children. It even found reflection in children's literature (remember the book "Adventures of Dunno and His Friends" of Nosov) and Malvina tried to impart good manners of Buratino by means of the same castor oil.
Advantage and harm of black tea It is useful to know
Польза и вред черного чаяBoxes and bags with black tea and strongly located long ago in our kitchens. Today in popularity this drink does not concede even to beer! Still, after all daily in the world tea is made by three billion people!
As it is correct to drink tequila It is useful to know
Как правильно пить текилуTequila … The alcoholic drink fanned by myths and legends which on fortress is not inferior to vodka more habitual to the Russian person but possessing softer taste.
How to learn to sing It is useful to know
Как научиться петьAll people love music. However, all have at us different preferences: to someone to liking classics, and someone does not think of life without hard rock. Very frequent to sing desire in the same way as the favourite entertainment star, becomes persuasive dream. And the dream, as we know, needs to give chance of execution.
How to learn, how many will be children The unknown
Как узнать, сколько будет детейIt is always interesting to the person that waits for him in the future what it will have a family who will be born where will work. Therefore fortunetellers will always have a work. And whether it is possible most to define at itself, for example, number of children in the future? It appears, it is possible. Give together with we learn how to define how many will be children.
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