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Useful tips on psychology are some kind of consultations on problematic issues of the relations in a family, between the man and the woman, developments of the personality and children's psychology.
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Game dependence Psychology of the personality
Игровая зависимостьToday game business strikes with the width of the variations, level of prevalence and availability. Passion, easy money, opportunity to recoup – it is very important to understand these initial motives of the compulsive gambler. The person is involved in this circulation completely. To help the person suffering from game dependence, difficult, but it is possible.
How to overcome crisis in the family relations Psychology of the relations
Как преодолеть кризис в семейных отношенияхIf you live some years with the same partner, it will be useful for you to know that not only you were tired of such life. 90% of couples face with so-called "crisis of the first two, five or seven years of marriage". The figure of the critical period at everyone the, but an essence from it does not change. And now not late to start building the family life in a different way.
How to build the relations with the ex-husband Psychology of the relations
Как строить отношения с бывшим мужемThe concept "ex-husband" appeared rather recently. Stains became an everyday occurrence in the twentieth century. But, having become an everyday occurrence, each separate divorce did not stop being a stress source for all members of the collapsing family. Human relations after divorce are defined by many factors. And that they did not make the life miserable, it is necessary to make efforts and to change something.
How to win the man Psychology of the relations
Как завоевать мужчинуHow to carry away the man? This question excites women not one century. Why the woman cannot remain by itself? Why to interest the man, she needs to pretend to be why game, an intrigue, shifts is necessary? Is it necessary? And is it really bad?
How to get rid of sense of guilt Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от чувства виныSense of guilt – one of basic feelings of the person. However there is a huge difference between the concepts "be guilty" and "feel the guilty", after all often this feeling is shown absolutely unconsciously and has no relation to fault real. And in such cases it is necessary to be able to get rid of oppressive sense of guilt.
Dependence on social networks Psychology of the personality
Зависимость от социальных сетейThe social network is a universal remedy of communication and search of people, with its help it is always possible to be in touch, to learn news about friends. But the problem consists that many become dependent on communication on a social network. There is a full replacement of the real relations by the virtual. And even at awareness of dependence, it is not possible to get rid of it.
Problems of adaptation of the adopted child Psychology of the relations
Проблемы адаптации приемного ребенкаYou want to take the adopted child. The reasons can be different: at you cannot be own, you feel melancholy for the children who grew up and left a native home, you lost the child and want to transfer all not dissipated love to the adopted. What would not be your motive, it is important to realize all responsibility which you confer on yourself and the relatives.
Preparation for performance before public Psychology of the personality
Подготовка к выступлению перед публикойFrom time immemorial special significance was attached to performance before public. This art in perfection politicians, actors and scientists of the past owned. Today importance of a public statement increases more and more. In many respects success of the report depends on the level of preparation for it and existence of a certain experience.
How to become the good friend Psychology of the relations
Как стать хорошим другомOnce on one of numerous social projects to me the interesting person met. And there was a strong wish to communicate to it personally. I sent a request for addition in friends, but it was rejected. "I do not know you, and friends in such a way it is impossible to become", - heard in reply. I answered nothing, but reflected and over time understood correctness of these words.
How to establish an ideal family Psychology of the relations
Как создать идеальную семьюThe happiness does not happen much! Even when everything is good in life, we look for some defects in the relations with darlings, we torment ourselves unreasonable guesses and assumptions. As a result – mutual misunderstanding and mistrust, the untold thoughts develop into the hidden offenses. But nevertheless possibly to keep the relations and to construct an ideal family.
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