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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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How to correct a bite Beauty and health
Как исправить прикусStatistically, about 80-90 percent of the population suffer from a rough arrangement of teeth – in other words, have the wrong bite. In most cases simply to diagnose it by method of visual survey for the orthodontist. According to experts, any kinds of the wrong bite give in to correction, and not only at children, and and at adult age.
As it is correct to carry snud Clothes
Как правильно носить снудFor many of us the scarf is an integral part of clothes. It warms someone in a frost and an icy cold, and for someone is a basic element in creation of an image. Stylists developed a practical and cozy scarf-snud for judges of fashionable novelties. Thanks to the universality it allows to create and add any image – from daily to festive.
Colourless henna for hair Hairstyles and hairdresses
Бесцветная хна для волосIn care of hair colourless henna was widely used. It strengthens hair, adds them delightful gloss and silkiness. If it is correct to prepare and apply henna, it is possible to forget about such problem as a brittle hair and to stop their loss.
How to smooth a leather jacket Clothes
Как разгладить кожаную курткуWith approach of a new season suitable things get from a case and are given to the necessary standard. Sometimes it is possible to find out that the favourite leather jacket was trampled down by not esthetic folds. There are some simple ways to get rid of bruise of the bagatelle made of a genuine leather and thus it is absolutely optional to run for help in a dry-cleaner.
The moistening face packs Beauty and health
Увлажняющие маски для лицаFor anybody not a secret that the human body for 80% consists of water. Therefore it is not surprising that face skin demands regular moistening to have a fresh and fresh appearance. After all from a lack of moisture there are wrinkles, peelings and premature signs of aging. Today there is a mass of ways of moistening of skin, one of the most effective and simple methods are masks.
Israeli cosmetics of Deaura Cosmetics and perfumery
Израильская косметика DeauraWith age to women everything is more difficult to support beauty of skin and hair, it is all about the inevitable processes of aging, and also in influence of negative factors, such as: bad ecology, stresses, low-quality products and so on. But these problems do not excite those who uses the Israeli cosmetics of Deaura, and in responses it is confirmed.
Application of a chistotel from spots Beauty and health
Применение чистотела от прыщейThere were times when chistotet enjoyed improbable popularity among judges of house cosmetology. Even in spite of the fact that this very poisonous plant. But also today did not forget about its curative properties, from a chistotel prepare tinctures and broths, and also use in pure form juice, first of all, for treatment of spots.
How to make manicure with a foil Beauty and health
Как сделать маникюр с фольгой Today already you will surprise nobody with drawings on nails, the manicure shining in the dark and even a covering with slices of the ordinary newspaper. The manicure with use of a foil is a new direction of a neyl-art which managed to win popularity among fans of nail design.
With what to wear chinosa trousers Clothes
С чем носить брюки чиносыToday both among women, and among men chinosa trousers became very popular. And it is not surprising! After all in them everyone will feel not only comfortably, but also stylishly. The style of trousers is so universal that you will be able to put on them with anything and anywhere. The main thing - to learn it is correct to combine them with other elements of your image.
How to clean fur in house conditions Clothes
Как почистить мех в домашних условияхIt seemed, you bought winter clothes with a fur collar only recently. You already washed a jacket down-padded coat, and about a fur collar - forgot. It is impossible to erase fur products therefore we will learn to clean fur independently in the automatic washing machine.
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