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Psychology of the personality

Councils from psychology area which will help not only to lift to themselves and another mood, but also by means of simple tricks to get rid of shortcomings of culture of communication.
Psychology of the personality: all articles
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How to get rid of fear of public statements
Как избавиться от страха перед публичными выступлениямиMany of us felt inconvenience and fear, to a greater or lesser extent, before performance on public. Such minutes it seems that it is better to fail or disappear, if only not to act, if only not to act. will help to get rid of a phobia, and in general will teach to break a storm of applause on the end of performance.
Concern and as to cope with it
Беспокойство и как с ним справитьсяI think that the majority will agree with me if I tell that the condition of alarm, disorders, doubts is familiar to each of us. If we to ourselves constantly decide problems, we simply program ourselves and problems become such serious that the way out cannot almost be found. Give together with we will deal with the main reasons for concern and whether it is possible to cope with it.
How to get rid of fear of flights
Как избавиться от страха перед полётамиAero phobia – rather widespread phenomenon which prevents many people to enjoy such fine phenomenon as flight. The people flying by plane often have a heavy psychological stress in time. Give together with we will understand how to overcome the fear of flights and to learn to transfer air travel?
How to get rid of unfortunate love
Как избавиться от несчастной любвиEh, here, apparently, it is good to fall in love now with somebody and with darling to depart to far stars. And if unrequited love? Or there are other reasons, on which anything good out of your feeling not to turn out? will advise as much quicker and it is easier possible to get rid of this painful feeling – unfortunate love.
How to become successful
Как стать успешнымThe point of view is now popular that it is necessary to be engaged in career till forty years in order that in further life business would already give return. And it is valid, the main part of the benefits accompanying success usually collects by forty years. is also going to share a secret: what it is necessary to do to become successful if not in everything, unambiguously in many respects?
Whether correctly you set the purposes
Правильно ли вы ставите целиCorrectly formulated purpose is a first step on the way to its implementation. Incorrectly formulated – opposite, only alienates us from to what we aspire. Therefore to learn to set before itself the correct purposes is one of the key moments on the way to success.
How to develop memory
Как развить памятьWe can forget everything up to a native name, but develop possibilities of our memory not so difficult, and even is quite real. But to start suggests to understand as memory and on the basis of what our brain remembers this or that information is arranged.
How to find itself
Как найти себяHow to find itself??? Topical issue for many irrespective of age and a social status. Actual and at the same time rhetorical. Whether it is possible to find that never lost. Or after all lost??? Give together with we will try to deal with it.
Needs of the person that is necessary for us from life
Потребности человека, что нам нужно от жизниInstincts of the person started being suppressed with the created morals, desires got an improbable ingenuity, and requirements came to natural classification. After all each person has desires which become requirements about what further and the speech will go.
Problem of small growth
Проблема маленького ростаAlmost each of us though in something is dissatisfied with himself. The reasons weight – since addictions and finishing with appearance. Let's talk about the most persuasive and difficult remediable – small growth. He prevents to do to girls career, to young people adds uncertainty in himself. Really nothing can be made?
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