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Hairstyles and hairdresses

Councils for a choice of female and man's hairdresses (hairstyles). And also useful information about fashionable short and long man's hairstyles, wedding and evening hairdresses, styling sprays and another.
Hairstyles and hairdresses: all articles
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How to accelerate growth of hair
Как ускорить рост волосMuch want to have a long head of hear, but there is one problem – the natural speed of such growth is the lowest. And life is so short – all there is a wish and at once. In such situations comes to the rescue. Our councils will help you to increase the growth rate of your head of hear and to save a lot of precious time.
Coloring of hair, rules and councils
Окрашивание волос, правила и советыAfter numerous experiments your hair happened the most different flowers and shades. Often the choice of a hair color is dictated by simple desire to resemble some entertainment star or cinema. But here everything is already tried and everything is experienced, and now again the desire to paint hair came. Then you need to read this article from
Fashionable hairdresses and hairstyles 2007
Модные прически и стрижки 2007We can follow an example of the celebrities, adopt their manner to put on, copy their stylish hairdresses. But nevertheless in the majority fashionable tendencies year after a year are introduced in our life from abroad. Therefore would like to turn your look into that party, having shown, what fashionable tendencies in the field of hairdresses were brought to us by 2007.
How to make hair is more dense
Как сделать волосы гущеDensity of hair depends on quantity of hair follicles, this size is defined genetically. There is a set of the reasons which are slowing down growth, thinning hair and promoting their loss. and will tell about methods which allow to increase density of hair in both the natural, and artificial way, in this article.
Hair loss, reasons and treatment
Выпадение волос, причины и лечениеIn increasing frequency you began to notice in the morning on a pillow a set of the hair. Having carried out a massage brush on head skin, you are shocked with number of the dropped-out hair. The first question which arises in the head: what served as the hair loss reason?
How to increase hair
Как нарастить волосыToday at certain financial investments only in 4 hours you can get smart long hair, direct or wavy. So, suggests to talk about a hair extension. We have to thank inhabitants of the African continent for this invention.
Selection of a hairdress
Подбор причёскиCreating new image, or simply seeking to refresh the style, We can not always make selection of a suitable hairdress. And after all it will influence in many respects perception you as persons surrounding people. But you will be able to afford thus not any hairdress because of type and a structure of hair. The hairstyle, eventually, can simply not approach a shape of your face.
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