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Councils about tailoring and to leaving for man's, female and even a kidswear. Information for every taste: from sportswear to fashionable and elite. And, of course, the help in a choice for pregnant women.
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How to choose a mink coat
Как выбрать норковую шубуThe fur coat is not a sheepskin coat. She is not afraid of a rain, is practical and long will not get out of fashion. But this statement is fair only for qualitative products. To choose a fur coat not so simply – in the market it is a lot of fakes, shortcomings of skins skillfully mask, and sellers will start talking and a discount will entice. And to choose your fur coat, it is necessary to try on not one ten.
How to erase a down-padded coat in the washing machine
Как стирать пуховик в стиральной машинеThe down-padded coat is in each family now – in it warmly, it weightless and madly practical! But, as well as any thing, a down-padded coat is soiled and is quite frequent. How to wash a down-padded coat in the washing machine that it did not turn into a windbreaker?! It is very important to choose the correct mode for washing of a down-padded coat. Also the speed of an extraction and a way of drying matters.
How to iron men's shirts
Как гладить мужские рубашкиWithout knowledge of rules any business will fall at you from hands. The similar situation is observed and in the sphere of an ironing of shirts. Shirts accompany us all life, from the cradle and till the last o'clock. Therefore the nobility how to iron a shirt, it is just necessary for all and everyone, starting with the housewife and finishing the most inveterate bachelor happy with the status.
How to choose a dressing gown
Как выбрать халатThe dressing gown long since was considered as status clothes – by it easily determined prosperity of the owner. Decorated dressing gowns with an embroidery and jewelry, and sewed from silk and wool. In the east a dressing gown kimono – one of the most expensive subjects of clothes. And here in Russia it is considered to be a dressing gown house clothes. But nevertheless a bathing dressing gown and a dressing gown for the house - not same.
Clothes during pregnancy
Гардероб во время беременностиSo, you learned that will become mother soon. One of the first thoughts which visited your lucid mind will become: "Oho, so it it is necessary to update clothes quickly!". The main thing – do not panic. On the contrary, be adjusted on that soon you will be engaged in shopping, to receive positive emotions and to sport in brand new dresses.
As it is correct to iron
Как правильно гладитьTo look tidy, it is not enough to follow rules of personal hygiene. Our appearance depends on clothes which have to be not only pure much, but also well ironed., It seems, also there is nothing difficult in an ironing, but actually there are rules, observing which it is possible besides to facilitate considerably to itself work.
As what to choose a bathing suit for the summer 2012
Какой выбрать купальник на лето 2012For modern girls who zealously the bulldozer lay to themselves a career way, holiday is the only opportunity to remember the feminity, romanticism, tenderness and sexuality. The swimwear is similar to an evening dress – you can put on it only once in a year, but he will make you the queen of waves and sand.
How it is fashionably to put on in a new season
Как одеваться модно в новом сезонеThe fashionable observers surveying recent trends in clothes and accessories, apparently, survey two (and even three) absolutely different fashions. But if you decided to appear before people around in a fashionable image, you have an opportunity to spend for clothes reasonably, without being in the fashion is thoughtless.
How to put on on the first appointment
Как одеться на первое свиданиеThe problem "a full case, and nothing to put on" is familiar to each girl. Especially sharply she gets up before us at turning points of life when it is necessary to be on the ball on appointment to the man of dream. And if this first appointment? And if it besides has to pass in a festive atmosphere? Speaking well and more precisely – the man not all the same, in what you are dressed.
How to understand the European and American sizes
Как разобраться в европейских и американских размерахGlobalization affects the modern world more and more. On streets there go cars of the German and Japanese brands, and in shops the French or Italian clothes are on sale. It seems, it became so simple and clear to travel! But also now, having come into fashionable boutique somewhere in Europe, we are quite often lost at the sight of unusual clothing sizes.
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The owner of the most slender waist in the world (only 38,1 cm) by right is the seventy-year-old pensioner from the USA Cathie Jung (Cathie Jung). Till 28 years gave birth to 2-their children then started carrying corsets. Now removes a corset for only 30 minutes.