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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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What to do if the voice was gone
Что делать, если пропал голосThis problem always arises unexpectedly and puts before a heap of questions. How to return a voice? How to make it both quickly, and it is correct, without having done much harm thus to itself? Whether it is worth returning the lost voice of the house or it is necessary to address to the doctor? Today we will try to provide you answers as much as possible.
Finger-type gymnastics
Пальчиковая гимнастика"And your kid already started speaking?", "And what first word he told"? Such questions are asked often by young mummies when meet on walk. Often such phrase afflicts and even irritates. If it is your problem and your kid still did not learn to speak, then time came to learn about a new technique of development of the child – finger-type gymnastics.
Intolerance of lactose
Непереносимость лактозыMilk and dairy products were always one of the best sources of calcium for the person. However there are people in whom even some drinks of milk cause discomfort and a set of unpleasant feelings. Many write off it for sensitivity of a stomach, however it is quite possible that the organism cannot cope with lactose.
How to do an enema to the newborn
Как делать клизму новорожденномуIt is terrible to present, how many young mother has advisers: the girlfriend tells one, the sister another, and the grandmother the third. And when the speech comes about need of carrying out such procedure as an enema, to especially newborn little man, here definitely not to find a consensus.
What is the retinirovanny tooth
Что такое ретинированный зубThere are cases when the cut wisdom tooth causes to the person severe pain. At independent survey in front of the mirror it can see only the inflamed red gum. It is a little more and tooth just about will seem. But the miracle does not occur, and pain does not release.
Treatment of noise in the head
Лечение шума в головеNoise in the head - the companion of many residents of the megalopolis. Noise of cars, buildings, the working office equipment is reflected in the head and ears. But if you sit in silence, and in the head continues to rustle, so somewhere in your organism there was a failure and it is worth paying attention to the health.
What is the dysgraphia
Что такое дисграфияFrom the first days of occupations at school difficulties with the letter, sometimes and with reading are found in some first graders. Children in spite of the fact that well consider and well master natural study and mathematics, cannot "make friends" with Russian at all. Why it occurs how to reveal a deviation and to help the child to master language? These questions will be answered by
How to make washing of a nose
Как сделать промывание носаNot always as washing of a nose is paid to such procedure enough attention. And after all it bears in herself some values: it and personal hygiene which can be put in one row with toothbrushing and washing, both treatment, and prevention of the majority of catarrhal diseases.
Use of bear fat
Применение медвежьего жираFor a long time bear fat was extraordinary useful product. With its help treated cold, liver diseases, tuberculosis and even serious wounds. Bear fat in the conditions of severe cold was especially appreciated. After all, was considered that only these provisions are capable to cure of frostbites and to rescue the person who left under ice. Than bear fat is still valuable, today will tell
Treatment of decubituses
Лечение пролежнейThe word "decubituses" in medicine it is accepted to call necrosis of sites of skin which appears owing to their long squeezing. Bed patients, as the fates decree, for a long time the confined to the bed are most of all subject to this disease. In this article we will consider that represent decubituses and as to struggle with them.
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