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Help section on drugs. We will tell, what medicines (tablets, ointments and so forth) use for treatment of various diseases. Instructions and contraindications to application.
Drugs: all articles
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Miramistin's application
Применение МирамистинаNone of us, being at home or on a country site, it is not insured from cuts, scratches, grazes, burns and other injuries. Therefore the antiseptics in the home first-aid kit is best of all to keep in quality a preparation Miramistin. It and can be taken in travel to process a wound at injury of a foot about keen edges of pebble on a beach or cockleshells in the sea.
Use of ointment Baktroban
Применение мази БактробанTo cope with skin infections or to relieve the patient of staphylococcus in a nose, doctors write out modern means – ointment Baktroban. Our article will tell about what effect has this preparation as to apply it, whether by-effects at treatment are possible.
Pimafutsin's application
Применение ПимафуцинаTo ache with vaginal candidiasis or the milkwoman (so still call this disease) can as the adult woman having children, who was not giving birth still the student or the schoolgirl at whom periods began quite recently. A disease it is unfortunately very widespread, ways of the solution of this delicate problem exists much.
Aktovegin's application
Применение АктовегинаSometimes fabrics of our organism need activization in them exchange processes, additional feed, stimulation of restoration of the damaged cages. Then the preparation Aktovegin can help. It is appointed not only at insufficient intake of blood to departments of a brain, but also to pregnant women that pre-natal development of a fruit proceeded correctly and the healthy kid was born.
Instruction on Nazoneks's application
Инструкция по применению НазонексаSpring... Warm rays of the sun bring the nature out of a dormant period: kidneys bulk up, gentle leaflets are developed, primroses blossom. It would seem, people have to rejoice to beauty of the nature. But how to be who during this period has allergy symptoms? It is necessary to resort to antiallergenic means.
Use of Nitroglycerine
Применение НитроглицеринаI remember, my grandfather always carried with himself in a jacket pocket the Nitroglycerine packing. And many times these small tabletochka rescued it from heart attack. Now this means of the emergency help allowing heart "motor" of the person to cope with the excessive loading which comprehended it it is possible to get in any drugstore.
Means from louses of Nit Free (Nit Fri)
Средства от вшей Nit Free (Нит Фри)The disease of a pediculosis is known to mankind on an extent of the millennia, but, despite this fact, it was not succeeded to eradicate it still. Therefore even in our century of high technologies the problem of a pediculosis is very actual.
Omez, instruction on application
Омез, инструкция по применениюHere some years to the patients suffering from stomach ulcer or a 12-perstny gut among a set of preparations for treatment write out Omez. Today readers of learn about structure of this preparation, its medicinal properties, a dosage, contraindications and possible side effects.
Elkar, instruction on application
Элькар, инструкция по применениюMany people use for weight loss a preparation Elkar, following the advice of the friends or fellow workers. Athletes accept it for the purpose of increase in physical activity. Write out it and to kids that gained missing weight, got stronger. suggests to understand – what properties Elkar when it can be applied and how possesses.
Tsikloferon, instruction on application
Циклоферон, инструкция по применениюThe period when viruses manage to attack successfully those people at whom immunity is weakened proceeds. And bacteria do not doze. Here also it turns out that thaws drip in the spring not only from roofs, but also from a nose …
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