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Councils and consultations for gynecology. Articles about female health, about gynecologic diseases, etc. And also everything that is connected with obstetrics (maintaining and preparation for pregnancy and childbirth).
Gynecology: all articles
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Where there is G point
Где находится точка GFor a long time the person was interested in the device of the organism, its difficult systems of communications and features of reactions. Today the structure of a body is studied up and down, but there is one body shrouded in a veil of secrecy here already it is a lot of years.
Reasons of a delay of the monthly
Причины задержки месячныхThe menstrual cycle (monthly, regula) represents the physiological process supporting reproductive functions in a female organism. Thus the brain is responsible for periods. It operates this process. However, so far still it is not clear, what department of a brain is responsible for it.
Means for the emergency contraception
Средства для экстренной контрацепцииSuch phrase as "the emergency contraception" strains at once everything inside. At once it becomes clear that emergency measures are taken only in the conditions of force majeure. However all of us are the people who are not insured from mistakes.
Symptoms of premature birth
Симптомы преждевременных родовNot to all future mothers it is allowed to feel pregnancy delights all nine months. At some childbirth comes the put term much earlier. In what the reason of such failure in the nature, than threatens it to mother and the child and what to undertake if premature birth began? Will tell about all this.
Ovulation signs
Признаки овуляцииWhen planning pregnancy it is very important to know when at the woman there comes the ovulation. Everything is quite simple – you are guided by own feelings, use tests for its definition, measure bazalny temperature or visit the doctor.
Signs of extra-uterine pregnancy
Признаки внематочной беременностиExtra-uterine pregnancy is the extremely dangerous illness which bears threat for life of any woman. It should be noted that from this danger nobody is insured, but each girl, the woman has to know the main symptoms and signs of extra-uterine pregnancy that at their emergence to be on the alert and not to tighten on a visit to the gynecologist.
Childbirth in water, pros and cons
Роды в воде, за и противSome years in a row disputes against "water childbirth" do not cease in any way. In spite of the fact that many consider this way of a child-bearing new, actually scientists found the first mention of it in the 17th century. Officially registered first labor in water in our country took place in 1960.
Postnatal period
Послеродовой периодWith approach of term of childbirth everything becomes stronger disturbing expectation of the most important period in female life. The new person – your child will come to the world. And though pregnancy and childbirth – not an illness, and quite natural processes, nevertheless, it physically and psychologically difficult feelings for the woman.
Gynecologic massage
Гинекологический массажIn recent years the particular interest is caused by not medicamentous methods of treatment. By simple and at the same time very effective method of treatment of many diseases including gynecologic, massage is.
Hypostases of feet at pregnant women
Отеки ног у беременныхHappy months when the woman bears the desired kid, sometimes are followed also by the unpleasant moments – nausea, heartburn, spasms and hypostases of the lower extremities. If to trust statistical data, hypostases arise at 80% of pregnant women. Why there are hypostases, whether it is dangerous what to undertake, and whether it is possible to prevent their emergence? Questions are very actual.
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