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Hygiene of food

Councils and articles for system of healthy nutrition. You will find useful information for maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, the recommendation about food, including for children and pregnant women.
Hygiene of food: all articles
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How to grow thin without diets
Как похудеть без диетIt is not necessary to starve, exhaust itself for hours in gyms, there are small secrets thanks to which really to lose weight quickly and effectively. To reach an ideal very hard, but it is feasible. And it is possible to make it without considerable efforts of you. For a start it is necessary to be defined, how many at you the excess weight which you want to leave.
Oat diet
Овсяная диетаThe majority of diets do not suit people who have any problems with digestive system. The diet on porridge at the same time will help both to grow thin, and to revitalize an organism, and all because of really curative properties of oats. Besides such diet is available to people with different prosperity. Depending on initial weight it is possible to dump 2-3 kilograms a week
Advantage of cod-liver oil
Польза рыбьего жираOnce cod-liver oil was forced to drink each child. Including me. It was such opposite, and then it seemed to me that a bottle where there is a cod-liver oil, simply some huge. I dreamed that fishes were thin, without any fat. And it is good that my dream did not come true! Because now it is useful to use cod-liver oil not only, as before, but also pleasantly.
Healthy nutrition, the menu for a week
Правильное питание, меню на неделюIn most cases, people come to understanding of that they eat incorrectly already when they begin problems with health or excess weight. Often happens both that, and another. With the problems often people come to experts, read articles in magazines, watch transmissions. In general, any way is good if leads to the correct result.
How to grow thin for 20 kg
Как похудеть на 20 кгYour weight exceeds normal on 20 kilograms? It, unfortunately, not only looks not esthetically, but also threatens your health. In the created situation you made only the correct decision – to grow thin. From you persistence and persistence on achievement of the purpose is required. Also remember: half measures – semi-results therefore it is necessary to give all the best on all hundred.
Proteinaceous diet
Белковая диетаOne of the most widespread and effective ways to grow thin – a diet. But, even knowing about extra kilos, we do not hurry to go on a diet. And all because this rigid restriction in food, and during the certain period we should hunger the constant. But there is such diet on which it is a pleasure to sit, and it is called proteinaceous.
Apple diet
Яблочная диетаThanks to universality of apples there are some types of apple diets. All apple diets are very effective and allow to lose extra kilos for a short time. It is possible to apply an apple diet at all seasons of the year, from you only will power and apples is required. Let's understand, what pluses and minuses at it this diet has.
Starvation for weight loss
Голодание для похуденияIt is known that the food is not only the supplier of energy and useful substances for a human body, and and the main responsible for excess weight and excess centimeters on a waist. And if to refuse to itself food and is not absolutely, whether it is possible to grow thin? Of course, after all starvation is one of the most effective methods when dumping excess weight.
English diet
Английская диетаThe English lady … and imagination draws at once to us graceful, thin as a trostinochka the woman. To be similar to the graceful English lady you will be helped by an English diet and for this purpose it is not obligatory to go to England. From you will power and strict implementation of all points of a diet is only required. The result surely will please you, weight will be lost on 2-3 kilograms every week.
Diet at diabetes
Диета при сахарном диабетеDiabetes is a chronic endocrine disease. On the other hand, diabetes – not an illness, but a way of life. This is true, because a strict diet – the important component of activity of the diabetic supporting and providing his good health. The main objective of a diet is a regulation of level of sugar in blood.
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