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Councils for treatment and prevention of diseases. Besides you will find useful information about symptoms and the possible reasons of diseases in the section. In total for preservation of your health!
Diseases: all articles
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Layell's syndrome
Синдром ЛайеллаLayell's syndrome call the heaviest form of damage of skin. This illness can threaten even to human life. To it rejection of a blanket of skin from its inside layers is characteristic.
Treatment of internal hemorrhoids
Лечение внутреннего геморрояHemorrhoids – one of those problems, with complaints on which address for medical care only after the illness can already be considered started. The matter is that at this pathology rectum veins are surprised, and at the initial stage independently to notice excessive expansion of internal vessels difficult.
Treatment of a pneumosclerosis
Лечение пневмосклерозаThe pneumosclerosis is a process of consolidation and hardening of lungs at which there is a transformation of connecting fabric into the cicatricial. It is preceded usually by dystrophic or inflammatory process. Development of pathology happens at growth of connecting fabric in lungs because of influence of certain factors.
Treatment of an ichthyosis
Лечение ихтиозаThe ichthyosis is called an illness of a crocodile leather or fish scales: integuments as a result of a rare gene mutation become covered by the ugly become horny layer of scales.
Treatment of diathesis at children
Лечение диатеза у детейMany parents at early age of the children faced such unpleasant, but widespread phenomenon as diathesis. Red rash on a face, the reddened cheeks, crusts and wounds on a body of the child are external manifestations of a disturbing disease. How to distinguish "enemy" and that with him to do, it will be a question in this article.
Treatment of a frontit
Лечение фронтитаPlays the dandy – a disease rather artful if not to start treating it at the first stages of an illness, it very quickly accepts chronic character. Therefore it is very important to address to the doctor in time and after diagnostics to complete the correct course of treatment. If strongly to start a disease, surgical intervention can be necessary.
Treatment of a gastroduodenit
Лечение гастродуоденитаYou come now to shop or to the market – and there on shelves the huge range of food is presented. But not always the food happens in pleasure. Statistical researches show that more than a half of the population have problems connected with digestive system. It is considered one of widespread diseases gastroduodenit.
Vitiligo at children
Витилиго у детейVitiligo is a disease of skin which is connected with manifestation of a diskhromiya of nosological character. The name of this pathology came from the Latin word "vitiligo" that means "rash", "deprive", "a skin illness".
Treatment of a cyst of tooth
Лечение кисты зубаSometimes pain develops even in tooth healthy by sight. Gum become covered by gnoynichka and each drink of food becomes torture. But even at such symptoms people not always run to the stomatologist, at first accept a handful anesthetizing, then check on themselves all national methods. And when business already absolutely poorly, go to the doctor where make them the diagnosis – a tooth cyst.
Treatment of squint at children
Лечение косоглазия у детейSquint, scientifically strabizm, is a disease at which both eyes cannot be focused at the same time in one point. Similar pathology very often starts proving in the early childhood. In this article we will consider the main features of this problem and we will describe ways of disposal of it.
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