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Councils for the aid to a family. The questions connected with the rights and duties of each of family members, relatives. And also recommendations to parents on education of the child, a choice and purchase of children's goods, etc.
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Than to be engaged in the decree
Чем заняться в декретеMaternity leave – time of global changes and stunning opening. You learn about the world, about the husband and about itself there is a lot of new. It will appear that more with pleasure tiny heels are not present no power on earth. It will become clear that you are able to fall asleep standing and to put on blindly. But it is lyrics. And if upon, women usually go on a maternity leave in "a pregnant state".
What diapers to choose
Какие подгузники выбратьAnd here it is miracle – the child's birth. And with general pleasure the understanding of that time of new cares and responsibility for education of the child came comes. And here, of course, there is one of the major questions: "What diaper to choose?". Diapers happen two types: disposable and reusable. Each of them has pluses and minuses.
How to prepare the preschool child's hand for the letter
Как подготовить руку дошкольника к письмуThe long-awaited first call is closer, the more often parents ask a question: Whether "We made everything for training of the child for school?". Ability to consider, solve logical problems, to read, undoubtedly, very important. But how affairs with preparation of a hand for the letter are? If you noticed that the handle of your future first grader is not ready to the letter yet, take the initiative.
Useful books for future mothers
Полезные книги для будущих мамBook shelves dazzle with children's editions, eyes run up, and hands reach for the brightest covers with shchekasty peanuts and beautiful mummies with tummies. There is a wish to buy all. Actually it is possible to manage a minimum of the bought and read editions and a maximum of common sense, at least because now not a problem to download many books in electronic form.
How to help the first grader
Как помочь первоклассникуBehind first educational quarter and autumn vacation. Now there was obvious a simple truth: as we did not try to prepare the children for school, it is impossible to provide and resolve all issues in advance. If the newly made school student is not lazy, always listens to the teacher, was never object for sneers and is not teased itself, or you know a little, or live on Mars.
Than to be engaged with the child of the house
Чем заняться с ребенком домаBad weather keeps us the third day under house arrest. All affairs are redone. We watched animated cartoons, books to one time on four re-read all. Than still it is possible to entertain the two-year-old peanut locked together with mother within four walls? I do not despond. I ring round girlfriends – young mummies, I monitor the "mamsky" sites. And here already some ideas ask to execution.
How to find a common language with the husband
Как найти общий язык с мужемHappens, sincere attachment vanishes in the relations, the discontent with each other increases. Over time appears inoyazychy the spouse because of whom you cease to understand each other, then – unhealthy tranquillity and even indifference. Familiarly? Means, it is time to change something. If you decided to keep your relations, despite the difficult period, it is necessary to understand that not so.
Technique of active hearing
Методика активного слушанияMost of modern parents complain that their children are not operated, often are capricious and isterit, and teenagers – become strangers and do not share with parents details of the life. Let's talk about a technique of active hearing which will allow to find quickly a common language with your children. She practices in Europe and America long ago.
How to save the child from drugs
Как уберечь ребенка от наркотиковAs far as the drug addiction subject was unpleasant, to run from it – not a certain way to avoid it. Our world is captivated by a huge amount of drugs acquaintance with which often happens at teenage age. And here it is extremely important to distinguish the first signs of in time that the child uses drugs.
Training in reading on Zaytsev's cubes
Обучение чтению по кубикам ЗайцеваWhen my daughter was still quite small, I thought of how to teach it to read. At first printed capital letters on sheets A4, but called to the daughter only the corresponding sound. Without having learned even all letters, we began to be engaged on Zaytsev's cubes. With cubes the daughter always responded to the play offer with great pleasure.
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