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Make itself - councils that who likes to do by all the hands. Sewing, knitting, woodcarving and so forth you can apply talents to updating of furniture, sewing of clothes, bags, creations of jewelry, etc.
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Bathroom decor the hands
Декор ванной своими рукамиLast time told you how it is possible to update your old furniture with the minimum expenses, having turned it in quite bright and original set soft to the touch. Now, developing a needlework subject, we bring to your attention one of simple, but in too time of original options of a decor of a bathroom.
How to update old furniture
Как обновить старую мебельAfter apartment renovation you found out, what your old upholstered furniture does not approach new design of the room at all? And funds for purchase of new furniture are already not present? You should not mourn. After all it is always possible to update old furniture. just will also be engaged in the story how it is possible to get out of current situation and to inhale new life in your old chairs and sofas.
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