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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Care of an alocasia
Уход за алоказиейThe harmonous alocasia is ranked as magnificent decorative and deciduous plants. It will decorate your interior – the room, the hall, a winter garden. The nature allocated a plant not only beauty, but also medicinal properties.
Care of a balsam in house conditions
Уход за бальзамином в домашних условияхAt a balsam there are a lot of interesting names. In Russia it is called still "Vanka wet" because after watering on tips of its leaves it is possible to see droplets of sweet dew. And here in England he received the name "Diligent Lisa", most likely because the balsam all the year round, and care of it simple blossoms.
Useful properties of a bird cherry
Полезные свойства черемухиBird cherry – one of thousands of plants which carry out decorative function, and one of the few, capable to render strong curative effect on all organism. For a long time people used it for treatment of illnesses and strengthening of health, and today we will talk about useful properties of a bird cherry.
Leaving for kampanuly in house conditions
Уход за кампанулой в домашних условияхMany of us love houseplants, and especially - blossoming. They give the atmosphere of a cosiness in the house and are pleasing to the eye the beauty. If you the beginner in business on a flower cultivation, pay attention to such remarkable plant, as a kampanula. After all care of it will not bring you big efforts.
Application of seeds of fennel
Применение семян укропаFor most of people fennel is no more than pleasant addition to salads, soups or meat, but some see in it more, than seasoning. Fennel seeds are used in traditional medicine for treatment of a set of diseases long ago. The unique chemical composition and effective impact on an organism do them to one of the most powerful natural drugs.
Medicinal properties repeshka
Лечебные свойства репешкаModest repeshok it is possible to call a universal plant, after all thanks to valuable components of structure and a range of positive impact on an organism, it is used at various diseases, among them pancreatitis, enuresis, diabetes, gastritis, polyps.
Useful properties of a fenugreek
Полезные свойства пажитникаThe fenugreek is known as an effective remedy from a set of "artful" diseases for a long time, fight with which independently the organism cannot. Practicians of the ancient doctrine Ayurveda actively used a fenugreek for healing of fatal illnesses. In what we can take a secret of this plant and what useful properties from it today?
Useful properties of an immortelle
Полезные свойства бессмертникаOne of the oldest medical plants, widespread in a midland, the immortelle is. Its unfading inflorescences often use in decorative bouquets as their appearance for years remains the invariable. The immortelle is called still sukhotsvety, tsminy. Immortelle preparations thanks to a set of useful properties find application in traditional and traditional medicine.
Cherry grades
Сорта вишниModest cherry trees always were to liking to the Russian people. Now nurseries offer so many grades of cherry that it is possible to become puzzled for sale. That it was simpler to you to make a successful choice, will try to characterize the most popular, the grades deserving attention.
Gotha Coca, medicinal properties
Готу кола, лечебные свойстваGotha Coca is the plant known for the curative properties from antiquity, people believed that it is capable to prolong human life. Today Coca can be met Gotha as a part of dietary supplements, powders, liquid extracts, and also in the dried look.
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