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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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Snack from an eggplant for the winter
Закуска из баклажан на зимуLike to indulge in the winter yourself with something tasty? We suggest you to prepare simple and madly tasty snack from an eggplant. The recipe will be suitable even for those who never in life did preparation for the winter, and all process will take away not enough time!
As it is correct to eat oysters
Как правильно есть устрицThe gastronomic past of oysters goes to depth of the millennia, however for the former Soviet Union they still are a wonder. All of us try to prove to be cultural and educated, but ask yourself a question, whether you are able to treat oysters? If the answer negative, this article is written especially for you!
Garnet juice at pregnancy
Гранатовый сок при беременностиPregnancy – the responsible period in the woman's life during which she has to watch with special care the diet. These months the organism of future mother needs a large amount of vitamins and nutrients, to receive which it is possible, for example, from freshly squeezed juice. The real well of useful elements is considered garnet juice the speech about which will go in this article.
How to cook soup with house noodles
Как приготовить суп с домашней лапшойEach hozyayushka has to know how to cook house noodles. First, this extremely tasty dish, secondly, cannot be prepared it, thirdly, it cheaper than usual macaroni a hundred times more usefully. And if with self-made noodles to prepare tasty easy soup, the price will not be to such lunch!
Recipe of home-made bread
Рецепт домашнего хлебаLife of modern hostesses happens different – someone considers sufficient not to forget to order food and to pay the housemaid, someone is limited to ability to cook a borsch and to fry potato, others constantly fill up the culinary arsenal with new recipes.
Advantage and harm of cocoa
Польза и вред какаоRemember how in kindergarten served us fragrant milk drink with a thin plenochka above? We remember its unusual taste since the childhood and as required always we try to cook cocoa to the children and native.
As it is correct to cook corn
Как правильно варить кукурузуIt would seem, what difficult in such artless business how cooking of corn? And, it appears, there is a set of secrets of the correct preparation of corn. And today we intend to open before you all.
Recipe of preparation of a humpback salmon
Рецепт приготовления горбушиEveryone will be able to prepare this fish, and there is a lot of recipes of preparation of a humpback salmon. This fish differs in that has the low price and is very tasty. Also this "red" small fish is famous for that combine her with many products.
Advantage of a water-melon
Польза арбузаWith approach of August, also the water-melon time – time when it is possible to take pleasure much in juicy sweet pulp of this big melon culture comes and to fill up an organism with vitamins.
Recipe of cottage cheese cookies
Рецепт творожного печеньяCottage cheese – a universal product which comes to the rescue of the hostess if it is necessary to make quickly a breakfast to make nourishing having a snack or to cook up something tasty. About advantage of cottage cheese not one Talmud so we will especially not extend on this subject is written, and we will tell how to prepare tasty cottage cheese cookies in only 20 minutes.
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