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Councils for a choice and maintenance of pets of all species and breeds. Read about care of cats and dogs, parrots and rodents, small fishes and reptiles: as it is correct to feed, about diseases and their treatment.
Pets: all articles
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Diseases of parrots
Болезни попугаевThe parrots living on freedom spend the most part of time in the movement. Being in the native habitat, such birds are ill extremely seldom. Unfortunately, to tell similar about domestic parrots it is impossible, in bondage their physical activity is significantly limited that leads to immunity easing.
Bombay cat, features of breed
Бомбейская кошка, особенности породыThe Bombay cat attracts at once all eyes of people around. There is no wonder, as "the tiny panther" possesses the dense and shining fur and extraordinary big eyes which give to an animal a type of easy surprise. This breed resembles a burmese cat superficially, however differs in the color of wool and character. In this article the main characteristics of the Bombay cat and her feature are considered.
Burmese cat: features of breed
Бирманская кошка: особенности породыThe burmese cat or Sacred Burma – such name carries this beautiful and harmonious animal who as if personifies two cat breeds: the Siamese – because of a color, and Persian – because of wool.
Savanna cat breed
Порода кошек саванныHouse savannas are the most rare, unusual, large and expensive cats in the world. Breed was removed receiving a tremendous animal with graceful forms, the developed intelligence, predatory severity and a unique color. These are descendants of a wild African serval who have appeasable character and unique beauty.
Features of a cat breed Maine Coon
Особенности породы кошек Мейн КунIf you hear "Maine Coon" and at you heartbeat does not become frequent, so you simply never saw cats of this breed. Indifferent people after a meeting with these representatives of family cat's simply do not happen: you or start "being ill" such "pussycats", or simply are afraid of them because externally is the real wild cat, only house.
German shepherd: features of breed
Немецкая овчарка: особенности породыThe German shepherd is the most known breed of dog around the world. This strong and brawny, clever and bright sentry dog of recognizable appearance enjoys popularity around the world already more than one hundred years. It is considered what exactly this breed is most widespread and numerous in all big dog family. will tell about history and features of a German shepherd.
Than to feed a puppy
Чем кормить щенкаGetting a lovely and amusing puppy, the few owners reflect that it is necessary to approach food of the new family member with all responsibility. The food from a table is at all not that it is necessary for the kid.
Castration of cats, methods and consequences
Кастрация котов, методы и последствияGetting a male kitten, you should reflect at once that over time he will grow up and will start marking the territory. If you have on hands a thoroughbred and titled best representative of the breed, here will not get to anywhere – it is necessary and to suffer a little. And here if you picked up on the street of the kid which parents and remained unknown, in this case it is possible to castrate an animal.
Cat breed manchkin
Порода кошек манчкинSurprising short-legged manchkina belong to not selection breeds. These touching cats dachshunds were brought as a result of a spontaneous mutation, however tempting opportunity to create so freakish small animal excited minds of Europeans from 30th years of the XX century. And today this breed actively wins popularity among aelurophiles thanks to not specific character and appearance.
False pregnancy at dogs
Ложная беременность у собакFalse pregnancy arises owing to failure in reproductive system of a dog and is expressed that not pregnant a bough psychologically and physically feels as the pregnant woman and behaves respectively. As a rule, the similar state is tested not giving birth or not managed to become pregnant during boughs or those dogs whom knitted only once are viscous.
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