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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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What to do that flowers stood more long It is useful to know
Что делать, чтобы цветы дольше стоялиAs it is pleasant to receive as a gift a magnificent bouquet! Flowers – a symbol of unconditional, sincere love and tenderness of feelings, respect, appreciation or gratitude. And so cut flowers that they as it is possible more long want to prolong life pleased us, being in a vase. Some subtleties, methods and methods of care of flower bouquets will be opened by
How to operate dreams The unknown
Как управлять снамиAll people have dreams. Someone is more often – is not excluded that every day. And someone is more rare – perhaps, only several times for all the life. Scientists claim that only those people who have an obvious deviation in mentality cannot have dreams.
Technology of drawing on water It is useful to know
Техника рисования на водеWater since ancient times attracted interest of the person and attracted it the unusual qualities. One of four elements of the universe she with an identical force is capable to destroy and create, frighten and force to admire.
Useful properties of baking soda It is useful to know
Полезные свойства пищевой содыRemoval of fatigue, elimination of unpleasant smells, clarification of any surfaces, treatment of heartburn and even possibility of application in the form of a deodorant is only some points from the list of those delights which are possessed by usual baking soda. This means is in each house today, however not all hostesses know that its useful properties extend far beyond kitchen.
Cultivation of goats It is useful to know
Разведение козIf you live in the suburbs, in the settlement or the village is generally close to the nature, you have an excellent chance to be engaged in interesting, useful and profitable business – cultivation of goats.
As it is correct to carry rings It is useful to know
Как правильно носить кольцаMost of women do not represent the life without jewelry. According to psychologists, exists some reasons inducing women to carrying rings: aspiration to social security, desire to look prestigious and beautiful, well and, of course, to be pleasant to representatives of an opposite sex.
Whether the electronic cigarette is harmful It is useful to know
Вредна ли электронная сигаретаAll know long ago that smoking damages health, but to give up smoking it turns out not at everyone. Alternative to an ordinary cigarette – its electronic option. Still scientists did not come to a consensus, whether the electronic cigarette is useful or harmful. Together with we will understand, whether the electronic cigarette is harmful.
Treatment by live and dead water It is useful to know
Лечение живой и мертвой водойIn the Middle Ages alchemists were engaged in transformation of usual water in "live and dead", capable to cure many illnesses. And in the sixties last century in the Soviet Union scientists officially declared that know how to make water which has unique properties.
Shungit surprising properties of a stone It is useful to know
Удивительные свойства камня шунгитThe nature was the most ingenious scientist and the skilled doctor at all times. Unique and most useful drugs for our health - from it. Shungit it is possible by the right to consider as one of the most valuable gifts which were received ever by mankind from bowels of the earth. This mountain stone of a Precambrian era is considered as modified coal, a transitional form from anthracite to graphite.
Tattoos and their value It is useful to know
Татуировки и их значениеFrom time immemorial the tattoo was considered as the great sacrament, sacral art urged to protect the owner from troubles or to give it force and firmness. In those far times drawing drawing on a body was available not to everyone that you will not tell about our days.
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