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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Pluses and minuses of vinir Beauty and health
Плюсы и минусы винировIn a century of modern technologies the medicine can work wonders and each of them will have the name. So, a secret of the Hollywood smile are special overlays for teeth. They are called as vinira and allow to receive for a short period a beautiful and snow-white smile.
Kefiric masks for hair Hairstyles and hairdresses
Кефирные маски для волосIn spite of the fact that today it is possible to find the last development of the cosmetic industry in shops, all the same there are actual means of our ancestors, namely simple natural masks, for example, kefiric. By means of such mixes we will talk about subtleties and nuances of treatment and improvement of structure of hair further.
Use of vinegar for hair Hairstyles and hairdresses
Применение уксуса для волосFor the majority vinegar is an irreplaceable product in cookery. Though, actually its application is much broader. So, for example, it is actively used in cosmetology. About what advantage vinegar represents for hair, we will tell further.
Useful smuz for weight loss Beauty and health
Полезные смузи для похуденияSmuz are represented by drink which prepares in the blender from fresh vegetables and fruit. Thus yogurt, ice, milk, ice cream or muesli is added to it. Such drinks became quite popular since the beginning of the seventieth years of the last century. At that time in the USA the first was open "healthy cafe". In it sold the useful products crushed in the blender. Today smuz became fashionable.
How to lace up sneakers Clothes
Как шнуровать кроссовкиToday each of us dreams to look stylishly and originally. This tendency and those who chose sports style in clothes bypassed. But here the ill luck how following it to bring a highlight in the daily image?! Designers found the answer to this question and invented some types of the interesting and fixing an eye lacings for sneakers. picked up a top of the most popular of them.
How to clean pellets from clothes Clothes
Как убрать катышки с одеждыMany people when carrying woolen and knitted products often are disturbed by such problem as emergence of small small knots. The felted fibers of threads spoil appearance of clothes, and the favourite jacket or a sviterok often should be postponed, and even at all not to carry. How to get rid of small balls on clothes?
How to determine the size of gloves Accessories
Как определить размер перчатокMany consider that upon purchase of gloves the nobility as their sizes are marked, absolutely optional. And it is natural, after all having tried on some couples, we buy the most suitable and we leave happy with new acquisition. However taking into account that today any purchases can be done in online stores, at registration of the order it will not turn out to carry out fitting.
How to get rid of scars Beauty and health
Как избавиться от шрамовPerhaps, each person at least once in life got superficial injuries of different severity. Fortunately, our skin is capable to regenerate quickly therefore the majority of small cuts, burns and other wounds pass into nothingness. But especially deep damages leave a trace not only in our memory, but also on a body. In this article we will talk about scars, and also about ways of their elimination.
Use of nicotinic acid Beauty and health
Применение никотиновой кислотыNicotinic acid has no relation to cigarettes. It is RR vitamin, one of V-complex components. Nicotinic acid has beneficial influence on a human body, it apply, both in medicine, and in cosmetology.
What is the floating Beauty and health
Что такое флоатингBeauty – guarantee of health. Any modern person will not undertake to challenge this axiom. Therefore the weakening procedure – a floating comes to the rescue. It is a unique session at which the patient plunges into a state similar to zero gravity.
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