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Articles about various complexes of physical exercises. Power, respiratory, exercises on flexibility will help to develop and strengthen muscles, and also to make correction of a figure and separate parts of a body.
Exercises: all articles
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How to learn to jump on a jump rope
Как научиться прыгать на скакалкеMany of us consider that jumps through a jump rope is a children's entertainment. However I want to notice that this type of physical activity is very important exercise for many athletes who are engaged in single combats.
Sambo for beginners
Самбо для начинающихSambo is a self-defense without weapon. Sambo originates from Japanese system of judo. And the system of self-defense without weapon is so processed and enriched with new ideas of other single combats that became a recognized sport. The first condition of the beginning of trainings – consultation of the skilled doctor. The second condition – it is necessary to be engaged in sambo under the leadership of the skilled trainer.
How to pump up muscles of feet
Как накачать мышцы ногThe beginning visitors of sports halls often make a serious mistake — they find not enough time for lower body. Against thin hips and buttocks the big torso looks ridiculously and is inappropriate. In this article we will tell how it is possible to pump up effectively muscles of feet with an optimum ratio effort/result.
How to pump up neck muscles
Как накачать мышцы шеиLong since the male neck was considered as a peculiar litmus piece of paper of the athlete. Fighters, gymnasts and simply strong children always had thick and strong necks. According to the logic of things, the strong man cannot have it thin and fragile. If to you the appearance is not indifferent, without fail 1-2 times a week carry out exercises for development of muscles of a neck.
How to pump up the broadest muscles of a back
Как накачать широчайшие мышцы спиныExercises for a back are quite often ignored at the initial stages of occupations. And only some months later the athlete with horror notices a disproportion in the body. The most noticeable back muscles – the widest (not for nothing these muscles are called still "wings"). They give width of back part of a trunk. In article we will consider a technique of their development.
How to pump up breast muscles
Как накачать мышцы грудиLarge relief pectoral muscles do a male torso visually wider and more powerful. For this reason in bodybuilding a lot of attention to muscles of this site of a body is paid. But that to pump up it, it is necessary to know some bases of effective trainings.
How to learn to be tightened
Как научиться подтягиватьсяNot everyone is capable to brag of good results of exercises on a crossbeam. Moreover, some young people cannot be brought up never. You carry yourself to their number? Only it is not necessary to worry. There was yet no person who could not learn to be brought up, persistently working by the correct technique. We will also talk about it.
How to shape up
Как привести себя в формуTime moves by summer, and you cannot wait any more when luxuriate under the warm sun, attracting to yourself views of an opposite sex. But what is it? Excess weight? Be not frightened, your body in your hands, and you can always bring it into a form. This program is calculated on occupations of the house for people with initial physical preparation or without it.
Trainings on weight and on a relief
Тренировки на массу и на рельефAt men gyms enjoy special popularity. But, unfortunately, the beginning bodybuilders do not observe the basic principles of training. They carry out some unknown sets of exercises which give as a result of nothing. Actually there are only two main types of trainings – on weight and on a relief. Let's find out, in what a difference between these trainings.
Secrets of martial arts
Секреты боевых искусствEveryone sees things in own way, so, and to understand everyone has to itself. Therefore such teacher thinks: what does the pupil have to make to understand the same, what he understands? As a result there can be a set of exercises and the directions, following which the pupil has to get understanding and skills on which the teacher counts.
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