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Psychology of the relations

Councils for psychology of the relations. In the section information about the interpersonal, family relations (parental, matrimonial), between the man and the woman, and also business aspects of a question.
Psychology of the relations: all articles
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As it is correct to criticize the person
Как правильно критиковать человекаEarlier we already concerned a problem as it is necessary to react to criticism, having given a number of advice on the general case. It is not less important to exercise judgment in such difficult business as to ability most structurally to build criticism in relation to other person who for one reason or another deserves it (according to his behavior or a state).
How to react to criticism
Как реагировать на критикуWith what pleasure we perceive a praise in the address. But to what indignation we come, it is worth hearing someone's criticism in relation to himself. Not always each of us knows as how to answer criticism. Making a start from the most frequent cases, we will illustrate idea, the general principles of behavior at criticism in the address.
Nonverbal means of communication, ch.2
Невербальные средства общения, ч.2I think, you already got acquainted with the article "Nonverbal Means of Communication, P.1" in which two groups of gestures were in details described: expressional and expressive and tactile. For expansion of idea of the world of nonverbal communication of will provide two more groups of gestures in this article: look visual and contact and spatial movements.
Nonverbal means of communication, p.1
Невербальные средства общения, ч.1Language of our body, in comparison with other verbal means of communication, is unique. It bears from 60 to 80 percent of information transferred to the interlocutor, it is easy to understand need for interpretation of this way of contact. It is easy to develop intuition, watching the interlocutor and, knowing concrete value of gestures, to draw right conclusions.
How competently to pay compliments
Как грамотно говорить комплиментыMuch of us very much like to see how relatives, friends and acquaintances arrive according to our representations. We usually pay to such people compliments. Your ability sincerely to pay compliments, will help with communications with all people to reach mutual sympathy, at work will give chance to establish relations with employees, will lead to success in career!
Resolution of conflicts in public transport
Разрешение конфликтов в общественном транспортеAcceleration of rate of life, led to that any, even the most insignificant conflict, is perceived by us against the general nevrotization as an event outstanding. It seems that around there are many people who try to irritate us. How to protect itself from nervous overloads in similar circumstances?
Mother and the daughter – problems in the relations
Мать и дочь – проблемы в отношенияхPsychologists claim that all negative situations in our life will surely leave the mark in mature life. Without noticing that, maturing, we turn into the mothers. Also we make the same mistakes in relation to our daughters. Because of what there are problems in the relations between materm and their daughters?
Problems between parents and children
Проблемы между родителями и детьмиIn any family there are problems in the relations between parents and children. Even people with a small age difference seldom have identical interests and outlooks on life, what to speak about parents and children. I want to describe the most widespread problems between parents and children and to try to help to resolve them.
How to tempt the girl
Как соблазнить девушкуIn this article shares secrets of pikaper on a subject how to tempt the girl. By and large all tactics of conquest of the woman can be divided into 6 types. What way of a seducing of the girl you will choose for yourself, to solve to you. In the world there is no universal pill, each girl demands a certain approach.
How to be ideal couple
Как быть идеальной паройCertainly, each of us is at heart sure that his personal relations with an opposite sex will be close to ideal for people around, and first of all, for themselves. What is the ideal relations and whether they are possible in real life – on this subject the author of this article argues.
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