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Hairstyles and hairdresses

Councils for a choice of female and man's hairdresses (hairstyles). And also useful information about fashionable short and long man's hairstyles, wedding and evening hairdresses, styling sprays and another.
Hairstyles and hairdresses: all articles
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Care of hair in the winter
Уход за волосами зимойWith change of a season also the condition of hair gradually changes. Especially it is felt with approach of winter. Hair become weaker and are thinner, drop out more often, lose the natural gloss. However hair can look healthy at all seasons of the year at due leaving. It is no secret that in house conditions too it is possible to restore health of hair.
Care of hair during pregnancy
Уход за волосами во время беременностиPregnancy – the period when in an organism of the woman there is a set of changes in all systems of an organism. Hair become not an exception also. Someone will tell that they became a krasha, and someone – that they lost a former look. And important is a question not so much here about their beauty (which can be corrected), as about their loss that can horrify future mother.
How to make highlighting
Как сделать мелированиеToday highlighting – one of the most popular ways of coloring of hair. Highlighting differs from usual painting of hair in uneven coloring of separate locks. The effect of more magnificent and dense hairdress is as a result created. If you cannot address to beauty shop, highlighting can be carried out in house conditions, having asked the girlfriend about the help.
Restoration of the injured hair
Восстановление поврежденных волосHealthy and beautiful hair it is indisputable pride of any woman. Well, you see, the girl with a magnificent head of hear simply should be noticed! To catch at similar views, to look effective and attractive, women go on a set of cunnings. Result – the injured hair and problems of head skin. Both that, and another demands special treatment and leaving.
Washing of hair, rules and councils
Мытье волос, правила и советыMany ladies dissatisfied with a state and quality of the ringlets, over and over again devastate shelves of shops, buying up the various means intended for care of hair. However the main factor for 90% defining appearance and quality of hair is their competent washing.
How to choose a hair color
Как выбрать цвет волосPeople dye hair for various reasons. Correctly chosen hair color does eyes brighter, and complexion – more exactly. But, unfortunately, can leave and vice versa: new color will add ten years and will make noticeable all wrinkles and defects of skin. Therefore it is correct to choose a hair color very important, and our article will help not to make mistakes in this responsible business.
Hairdresses from braids in the African style
Прически из косичек в африканском стилеHow long ago there were braids, perhaps, precisely already anybody and does not know. From ancient manuscripts it became known that "" this type of a hairdress was fashionable for 2000 B.C. Cultures closely intertwined among themselves, at modern Slavic latitudes there was a large number of kinds of braids, and will tell about them today.
Fashionable wedding hairdresses
Модные свадебные прическиDesigners of wedding hairdresses make "elite" of masters: for creation of crowns from hair, flowers, feathers and the paste on heads of brides is required masterful knowledge of "tool". Ability effortlessly to turn simple girls into fantastic princesses does the designer's profession on wedding hairdresses of one of the highest paid in the world of fashion.
Chemical hairdressing
Химическая завивка волосThere is no woman who never wound hair on hair curlers or did not braid in hard braids. Drying, hair long time keep that form which they were given. The most well-tried remedy to receive wavy ringlets for a long time the chemical hairdressing is. will help to understand a set of types of this way.
How to look after long hair
Как ухаживать за длинными волосамиLong, healthy hair – a good indicator of the general health of the person. For women that long hair increase appeal of the woman – future wife can also matter, mothers. A separate subject – male long hair. They as well as female, demand a permanent care.
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