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Councils about tailoring and to leaving for man's, female and even a kidswear. Information for every taste: from sportswear to fashionable and elite. And, of course, the help in a choice for pregnant women.
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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 891011 online store of women's clothing Ukraine интернет-магазин женской одежды УкраинаMany world brands have no representations in our countries, and having glanced in ordinary multibrand boutique, the knowing person will draw an unfavourable conclusion: much of the presented goods – a fake. What to speak about a situation when the person does not know how to distinguish a fake from the original? To catch an original branded thing, it is necessary to trust in the authoritative seller.
How to choose a dress on final
Как выбрать платье на выпускнойThe knowing people say that it is the girl three times can marry two and even. And here the graduation party in her life will be only once and therefore it is necessary to prepare for this unforgettable event thoroughly and with all gravity. We hope, we will help girls with this difficult business, and everyone will be able to become the queen of a ball.
How "to enter" a design dress in clothes: councils from online store of women's clothing of MAYAMODA
Как «вписать» дизайнерское платье в гардероб: советы от интернет-магазина женской одежды MAYAMODAThe dress surely has to be in "active clothes" of each woman. Especially, if it is effective and ultrafashionable design dresses — that whim, to refuse to itself in which any woman has no right. And that purchase "fitted" into clothes even the most ardent fans of jeans trousers and strict suits, it is important to know some secrets.
How to carry close footwear
Как разносить тесную обувьThe new pair of shoes is bought, the new thing is pleasing to the eye, and here you put on it and feel – is small a little. As so, chose-chose, measured-measured, and the footwear presses. Such incident can spoil mood and health for all day, and the arisen callosities it is necessary to treat even more long. Be not upset, to carry close footwear not a problem.
How to clean suede footwear
Как чистить замшевую обувьEach woman of fashion knows that suede looks magnificently. The footwear from this material will never get out of fashion, it draws attention, does the woman by the woman. And to get to itself couple of suede shoe boots or sapozhek – a point of honor of any lady. Suede footwear – a thing expensive and exacting, many decide to get couple sapozhek from suede, concept without having as to look after them.
How to order tailoring of a wedding dress: useful tips for brides
Как заказать пошив свадебного платья: полезные советы для невестThe wedding dress — is a dress which does not make any mistakes and defects, it cannot be lovely, nice or nearly is faultless to sit on a figure. The wedding dress has to be or ideal, or yet not bought. The third option — tailoring in studio or at the private tailor, the unique and existing in the only option dress of the dream allowing to receive.
How to tie a scarf to the man
Как завязывать шарф мужчинеThe scarf was always the integral attribute of men's wear. Now the scarf not only carries out the direct appointment – protects from cold and a wind, it is a stylish and fashionable subject of clothes, that last stroke which finishes a man's image. The main thing – it is necessary to pick up and tie it correctly.
Removal of spots from clothes in house conditions
Удаление пятен с одежды в домашних условияхFor certain you had to have feeling of disappointment at the sight of the very unpleasant spot on a favourite blouse or trousers. Happens especially sadly when because of emergence of a spot it is necessary to leave the fallen in love thing. Hold your horses. Many spots are subject to removal, and it is even not obligatory to address in a dry-cleaner. Of course, if it is about small single spots.
How to iron trousers and a shirt
Как гладить брюки и рубашкуTrousers with shooters appeared nearly two centuries ago. Now it is an integral part of classical clothes. Many men and their faithful companions of life daily test the mass of the inconveniences connected with an ironing of trousers. Our grant with step-by-step photos will help you with an ironing of trousers, and also jeans and shirts.
How to clean a sheepskin coat
Как почистить дубленкуSheepskin coat – a thing gentle, noble and not too practical. Over time any sheepskin coat "incorporates" dust, is salted on cuffs and near pockets, becomes covered by spots from a rain, fat or dirt. And to remove similar pollution oh as it is not simple. Do not hurry to hand over a sheepskin coat in a usual dry-cleaner, it is possible to take certain measures and at home.
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