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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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Than chicory is useful to weight loss
Чем полезен цикорий для похуденияThe advantage of chicory for weight loss is known in the former Soviet Union since the USSR. Then was considered that coffee has negative influence on health of the person and as substitute to it tsikorevy drink was everywhere taken. Though today nutritionists reconsidered the opinion on coffee, chicory did not lose the popularity and continues to be used in many directions.
Make-up for Asian eyes
Макияж для азиатских глазEyes of Asian girls are in own way unique. They are mysterious and seductive. But because of their special form to emphasize this identity it is necessary to learn. It is a little patience and knowledge of receptions of equipment of a make-up will help to make a look more open.
Use of oil of a dogrose
Применение масла шиповникаAbout salutary properties of a dogrose practically all have heard a lot since the childhood. Its fruits are made to receive a good dose of vitamin C together with tea. But there is at dogrose seeds one more mission: do curative oil of them.
How to make man's manicure
Как сделать мужской маникюрEach mother who is bringing up the son has to teach him not only to be polite and affable with women. The boy since the childhood has to be able to look after himself. Today we will talk not about a fashionable hairstyle or secrets of equal arrows on trousers, it will be a question about … man's manicure.
Furosemide for weight loss
Фуросемид для похуденияNot many people wishing to leave excess weight start going in for physical culture and properly to eat. They consider that much more effectively to resort to the help of the medicamentous preparations promising to present instantly a wasp waist and harmonous feet. Thus not all pay attention to many contraindications.
Elos an epilation for removal of undesirable hair
Элос эпиляция для удаления нежелательных волосPerhaps, each woman dreams of forever to get rid of undesirable a body hair. She will also be supported also by those men at whom the excessive growth of hair is observed. Razors, wax epilations and a shugaring yield temporary result. In such cases it is possible to resort to effective procedure of an elos-epilation.
Olive oil for skin
Оливковое масло для кожиThe secret of velvety skin of Ancient Greek women is opened long ago: beauties looked after themselves by means of olive oil! Why don't we use invaluable experience of wise predecessors to increase the appeal?
What is the cryomassage
Что такое криомассажAll of us remember from the childhood as parents put on places of bruises cold compresses or even simply an ice slice that blood turned as soon as possible. Such salutary impact of cold on skin formed the basis of cryotherapy and cryomassage.
Use of oil of grapefruit
Применение масла грейпфрутаIf grapefruit – fruit on the fan, the essential oil received from its fruits by right is estimated by many. Especially women because this product does hair healthy, and skin silky.
Diseases of nails, symptoms and treatment
Заболевания ногтей, симптомы и лечениеAnd you paid attention to the nails? If on them there are white points, specks or other damages, it means that so the organism signals about emergence of diseases. If you had problems with nails, it is not necessary to ignore, than earlier you will begin treatment, it will be better for those for you.
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