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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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What is the oxygen pillow
Что такое кислородная подушкаWhen in the house the sick helpless person, care of it lays down on shoulders of his family. And if in treatment of notorious cold the diseased from the native needs elementary moral support and participation, there are such diseases which compel house to be always on the alert that in case of prompt deterioration of a condition of the patient to give him quick and qualitative help.
First aid at poisoning
Первая помощь при отравленииNobody is insured from poisoning. Low-quality are blown, alcohol and even clear-out – everything stores in themselves potential danger of intoxication. And as it is correct to give first aid, unfortunately, know units. Let's understand today, than it is possible to help the poisoned person.
Useful properties of a uterine milk
Полезные свойства маточного молочкаThe physicians and scientists who were fixedly studying a uterine milk which else sometimes is called "royal jelly" came to a conclusion that it is the most effective natural biostimulator. It brings benefit not only to adults, but also children.
Deformation of a thorax
Деформация грудной клеткиThe thorax is the framework consisting of muscles and bones which protects heart and lungs. The congenital or acquired curvature of bones breaking work of respiratory and cardiovascular systems is called as deformation of a thorax.
Immunostimulators for children
Иммуностимуляторы для детейIt is no secret that health of the child, first of all, depends on strong immunity. In this regard there is a question: what factors influence protective system of the child and how it can be strengthened?
Treatment of papillomas
Лечение папилломOn various sites of skin in the people doctors – papillomas can call emergence of small sprouts warts, and here. And their emergence is provoked by a virus of papilloma of the person, and this quite serious disease which demands medical intervention.
Why stuffs up ears
Почему закладывает ушиEach person at least once in life faces that at him stuffed up ears. Especially often it occurs at rise on big height or at sharp falling down. Usually this phenomenon does not cause pain, but feelings of people receives unpleasant therefore it is necessary to know why stuffs up ears and as to help itself.
How to receive an operation quota
Как получить квоту на операциюAn increasing number of seriously ill patients of people, according to the special document have opportunity to pass free inspection and treatment in specialized clinics. Most often the card allows to receive financial aid on carrying out operation. How to issue a medical care quota and what for this purpose is necessary?
How to choose a tonometer
Как выбрать тонометрSooner or later each hypertensive person, wishing to keep constantly the pressure under control, reflects on purchase of own tonometer. The small device not only will prompt when to take a medicine, but also helps to find out the reason of change of arterial pressure otherwise.
Advantage of radonic bathtubs
Польза радоновых ваннAlready more than one hundred years ago the advanced balneology adopted surprising chemical element - radon. Unfortunately, the unique technique of treatment of numerous diseases by means of radonic bathtubs unfairly remains out of a range of attention of wide mass of people and experts. Though shows amazingly miracle effect.
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TES-3 — the transportable nuclear power plant transported on four self-propelled caterpillar chassis created on the basis of the heavy T-10 tank. Came into trial operation in 1961.