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Help section on drugs. We will tell, what medicines (tablets, ointments and so forth) use for treatment of various diseases. Instructions and contraindications to application.
Drugs: all articles
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Application to Sinuforta
Применение СинуфортеDuring the cold periods of year such unpleasant diseases as antritis have an effect again, etmoidit, plays the dandy also other pathologies of a nasal cavity and the bosoms which are settling down around. Continuous allocations from the nasal courses torment, becomes to pant, sometimes there are a discomfort, pain, the general health worsens. The effective preparation can help Sinuforta with such cases.
Application of an eleuterokokk
Применение элеутерококкаWhat do you know about an eleuterokokka? Most of people heard about it only from advertizing of means for immunity increase, but this unusual plant is capable on much bigger. It is possible to speak about advantage and properties of an eleuterokokk infinitely long, we will allocate most important and useful.
Phytolysine, instruction on application
Фитолизин, инструкция по применениюStones in kidneys, infections of an urinary system, hypostases – these problems disturb many. In such cases it is necessary to try to use curative herbs for treatment. But what to do if there is no time for a zavarivaniye of infusions, preparation of tinctures? Then the phytopreparation, ready to the use, Fitolizin can help.
Use of absorbent carbon
Применение активированного угляBlack, tasteless tablets are familiar to us since the childhood: if there was a poisoning, mothers first of all gave us coal. Because it remarkably clears an organism of toxins. But on it its application does not come to an end but only begins.
Rennie, instruction on application
Ренни, инструкция по применениюThe name "Rennie" thanks to TV advertizing and bright packing was remembered by many. suggests to talk about this preparation – its properties, a method of application, contraindications. Whether fast disposal of the person of heartburn is valid in the power of this simple preparation?
No-Shpa, instruction on application
Но-Шпа, инструкция по применениюOur life is filled not only pleasant feelings, but also painful. Pain can have different character. These unpleasant feelings happen strong or weak, short-term or long, tolerant or painful …
Dioksidin, instruction on application
Диоксидин, инструкция по применениюFor treatment of various purulent infections already many years the preparation Dioksidin is used. will sort its merits and demerits, will mention scope of application.
Use of zinc ointment
Применение цинковой мазиSmooth and healthy skin – to what each girl aspires. And in treatment of a set of skin diseases zinc ointment is very effective. Its active ingredient actively eliminates visible defects, and also reliably protects it from damages and irritations, promoting regeneration and cell renewal.
Use of Diflucan
Применение ДифлюканаAbout 75% of women from all corners of the world at least once in the life felt consequences of unlimited reproduction of small fungi of a sort Candida in the vagina. All this is followed by allocations of a curdled look, an itch, burning in external genitals, pain at depletion of a bladder, discomfort at intimate proximity...
Sinupret, instruction on application
Синупрет, инструкция по применениюNosiki-kurnosiki snuffle … Happens that the posapyvaniye it arises not only at children, but also at adults because of the congestion of a nose caused by banal cold, sinusitis, antritis. And as it is difficult for children to dig drops in the nasal courses to improve breath! At once tears, sobbings, small palms close a face … In such cases Sinupret's phytopreparation will come to the rescue.
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