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Hygiene of food

Councils and articles for system of healthy nutrition. You will find useful information for maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, the recommendation about food, including for children and pregnant women.
Hygiene of food: all articles
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Menu of a diet No. 5
Меню диеты №5In 1920 the therapist Pevzner developed fifteen medical power supply systems, each of which was intended for treatment of certain diseases. In spite of the fact that since then passed nearly one century, these diets are still successfully used for treatment of these or those diseases.
Menu of a low-carbohydrate diet
Меню низкоуглеводной диетыIt is widely known that simple or fast carbohydrates which there is a lot of in sweets and pastries, very negatively affect a figure. All because such simple carbohydrates are quickly enough acquired, and the person thereby gains weight quicker.
Lemon diet
Лимонная диетаThe lemon is known around the world, as a useful sour fruit which can be a source of many vitamins. Though very few people are known that by means of a lemon, to be exact lemon juice, it is also possible to grow thin. And before passing to the description of "lemon" weight loss, we will tell readers Mirasovetov why the lemon formed the basis of this monodiet.
Cucumber diet
Огуречная диетаThe cucumber diet is considered one of the most popular summer diets today. Many girls to whom other diets for those or other reasons did not suit resorted to this diet.
Beet diet
Свекольная диетаBeet can often be met landed on personal plots. This useful root crop is used at preparation of some dishes and as a remedy for various diseases. Besides, this vegetable thanks to the properties is applied as a basis for weight loss. And, the beet diet is very popular among people who seek to grow thin.
Milk diet
Молочная диетаMilk is a product which is familiar to us from an early devstvo. In this useful product the set of various vitamins, mineral substances and necessary microcells is concentrated. In particular, milk contains A, B, C, E vitamins. Besides, milk is known to that in it there is a calcium, very necessary for our organism, and also daily norm of necessary protein.
Orange diet
Апельсиновая диетаToday there is a large number of various diets. Among them not the last place is taken by weight loss by means of oranges. And it is not surprising. After all usefulness of orange is indisputable.
Carrot diet
Морковная диетаIf you look for an effective and at the same time available method of weight loss, it is worth paying attention to a carrot diet. Only at once it is necessary to tell that any option of a carrot diet is considered quite rigid. Therefore before undertaking weight loss by means of carrots, it is worth holding consultation with the doctor.
Water in the child's diet
Вода в рационе ребенкаEach parent knows that water in the child's diet – a necessary element. She not only takes part in a metabolism and relieves an organism of toxins, but also influences intellectual development and ability to training.
Obesity at children
Ожирение у детейMany moral and physical sufferings the children burdened with obesity should take out. If your family was bypassed by this problem, recommend to treat her thoughtfully and seriously. This article will help parents to count, whether there is an excess weight at their child, to understand, what reasons of his emergence. We will talk and how to warn obesity.
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The longest cucumber in the world is grown up in the city of Petah Tikva by the Israeli Itzhak Yazdantanom. The size of a cucumber is 1 meter 18 centimeters!