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Councils for treatment and prevention of diseases. Besides you will find useful information about symptoms and the possible reasons of diseases in the section. In total for preservation of your health!
Diseases: all articles
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Symptoms and treatment of an adynamy
Симптомы и лечение астенииAdynamy – slowly developing pathological frustration of mentality which arises against other diseases of an organism. Fast fatigue, decrease in working capacity and a mental susceptibility, a bad dream, irritability or, on the contrary, apathy – here not the complete list of manifestations of this state.
Treatment of a polikistoz of kidneys
Лечение поликистоза почекPolikistoz of kidneys is a disease at which in kidneys the set of the cysts representing nonmalignant round sacks with watery liquid inside is randomly formed. Increase of a blood pressure is dangerous to patients polikistozy. This disease is frequent proceeds together with a renal failure. Approximately cysts in a liver are also found in 1/3 patients.
Progeriya, symptoms and treatment
Прогерия, симптомы и лечениеWhen say that a progeriya – pathology, dangerous and unpromising in respect of treatment, do not exaggerate at all. The rare genetic illness "steals" the childhood from boys and little girls, turning them into the real old men! By the way, the adult can get sick with a progeriya also.
Fever Ebola, symptoms and treatment
Лихорадка Эбола, симптомы и лечениеNearly an every day in news programs disturbing messages that in any country still new human cases by fever the Ebola are recorded are told. In the spring of 2014 the world learned about the outbreak of this infection which it is possible to call the most large-scale for all history of existence of the dangerous infection which claimed the lives of thousands of people now.
Treatment of an illness of Shegren
Лечение болезни ШегренаShegren's illness call a system autoimmune disease of connecting fabric. At it sekretiruyushchy glands, in particular, plaintive and salivary which accompany development of diffusion diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, and also problems with zhelchevyvodyashchy system are surprised. Let's understand how to distinguish an illness at an initial stage and what it is worth undertaking first of all?
Treatment of a syndrome of a dry eye
Лечение синдрома сухого глазаQuite often modern person, especially what will see off time in front of the computer much, feels the unpleasant feeling in eyes arising at reduction of release of liquid plaintive gland or at change of qualitative structure of tears. Such phenomenon received the name a syndrome of a dry eye.
DVS-syndrome, diagnostics and treatment
ДВС-синдром, диагностика и лечениеThe DVS-syndrome is a nonspecific violation of work of system which keeps blood in a liquid state. Thus in vessels there is a scattered fibrillation. As a result of it the set of units of blood and microclots of protein of fibrin is formed. These particles are capable to settle on capillaries of bodies, than cause in them functional and dystrophic and profound microcirculator changes.
Treatment of a pleksit of a shoulder joint
Лечение плексита плечевого суставаSometimes, that in a dream of people awkwardly sprains a hand. In the morning he wakes up with terrible pain, then it is found out that also the shoulder swelled up. At first in the head there are calming thoughts: "Anything terrible, simply, it muscles stretched, everything will pass soon". But passes some hours, and pain and does not think to cease. On the contrary, situation worsens.
Treatment of a bursit
Лечение бурситаJoints can hurt because of different diseases – arthritis, arthrosis, a bursit. Here also suggests to talk about a bursita, its types, symptoms, ways of treatment of today.
Marfan's syndrome
Синдром МарфанаMarfan's syndrome belongs to a number of pathologies which cornerstone the single gene mutation is. In case of this rare illness the hereditary factor causes violation of an exchange of connecting fabric. There is a failure in work of the fermental system responsible for production of structural protein for growth of connecting cages. All diseases developing against a syndrome result in disability.
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