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Councils for the aid to a family. The questions connected with the rights and duties of each of family members, relatives. And also recommendations to parents on education of the child, a choice and purchase of children's goods, etc.
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How to teach the child to handle money
Как научить ребенка обращаться с деньгамиOf the competent relation to finance not each adult can brag, what to speak about younger generation. Unfortunately, at schools, do not teach such subject, and in kindergartens especially do not explain to kids, money from where undertakes. Means, we take an initiative in the parental hand. Let's try to remove a basic formula of "children's economy".
Violations of development of the speech in children
Нарушения развития речи у детейHow the children's speech is formed? What to do if in the speech of the child defects are observed? How to pick up the expert for correction of shortcomings of the speech? We will also try to answer these and other questions. After all the earlier we will notice problems in development of the child, the quicker we start working with them and the more chances of their successful overcoming.
Montessori-pedagogika for children and their parents
Монтессори-педагогика для детей и их родителейIf you face a choice of kindergarten or group of the developing occupations for the kid, I want to pay your attention to pedagogical system of Montessori. Having dealt with the basic principles of this pedagogical system, having weighed everything pros and cons, it is possible to make quite conscious decision: whether to your son or the daughter it is worth visiting Montessori-group.
How to organize a workplace of the school student
Как организовать рабочее место школьникаAt each of us the vital circumstances and priorities. But there are things which are unconditional value. For example, health of children. It is sure that a school corner – one of important components of a healthy lifestyle of our clever men and clear heads. Behind a house school desk the pupil spends much time, and all organism is involved in this process.
How to talk to the child
Как разговаривать с ребенкомIt is necessary to be able to talk to the child. Unfortunately, not all parents are able to do it correctly, making the mass of gross blunders and even without realizing it. It is necessary to control constantly that want to tell the child how to tell, what words and in what form. All this imposes huge responsibility on parents.
Natural roditelstvo
Естественное родительствоAt married couples at first in the West, and now and in Russia, the technique on care of children of younger age called "A natural roditelstvo" uses great popularity. A standard of the harmonious relations between mother and the child, according to this technique, education and care of children at the people of early cultures admits.
Child and viewing of the TV
Ребенок и просмотр телевизораBackground mutter of the TV for each of us – a way to have a rest after the unlucky working day. We with pleasure watch favourite programs and we sympathize with their heroes, and we cannot look back and sympathize with own children. As a result of our inaction the vulnerable mentality of the child suffers. Let's understand, whether it is worth worrying, whether so everything is terrible?
As it is correct to punish the child
Как правильно наказывать ребенкаAt one forum the ridiculous status got to me: "If to raise children a carrot and stick, they will be thick and in bruises". I thought of that popular wisdom about a combination of punishments and encouragement, really, can lead to sad consequences. How to punish children correctly? And what, actually it is ", so correct"?
Development of the premature child
Развитие недоношенного ребенкаAt last in your family there was a long-awaited kid! The pleasure from this moment saddens the term when the child was born. Let's talk about premature children. It is considered that such children differ from the kids who were born in time. In this article we will discredit myths about premature children and we will give a practical advice on education and successful development of the "early" child.
How to accustom the child to fill up independently
Как приучить ребенка засыпать самостоятельноMany parents dream to lay the child in a bed, to cover a blanket and, having wished "Good night!", to be removed from the room. However, in life, unfortunately, very often there is everything on the contrary. The child all the behavior shows that wants to sleep: rubs eyes, is capricious, even yawns, but, alas, does not fill up. Why it occurs and whether it is possible to help it somehow?
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