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Make itself - councils that who likes to do by all the hands. Sewing, knitting, woodcarving and so forth you can apply talents to updating of furniture, sewing of clothes, bags, creations of jewelry, etc.
Make itself: all articles
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Independent assembly of kitchen furniture
Самостоятельная сборка кухонной мебели already told how to pick up kitchen furniture. I hope, you were defined by how your kitchen will look. Now you have two ways – to order production of furniture to order or to make it most. In this article it will be a question of the last – independent assembly of kitchen furniture. As always with step-by-step photos.
Christmas tree decorations the hands
Елочные игрушки своими рукамиSoon New Year, a holiday which is loved by all, young and old. More and more festive tinsel on streets, everything is brighter fires on streets, and in shops abundance of toys. suggests you to try to revive tradition and, besides glass and plastic balls and figures, to decorate a New Year tree with the toys made the hands.
How to make an aquarium the hands
Как сделать аквариум своими рукамиFrom what to us in general to be engaged in independent assembly of an aquarium? Really. After all now the aquarium can be found in any pet-shop and, of course, in a poultry market. But there are three reasons for which you are solved on it: in shop there is no suitable copy (the price does not arrange), it is interesting to check the masterful qualities, are going to earn additionally it.
How to make soap the hands
Как сделать мыло своими рукамиThe increase in supply and demand of soap of handwork as alternative to the soap produced in the industrial method is lately observed. About soap, a product of prime necessity which all use daily for personal hygiene very few people, something knows, besides, that it forms lather and foams, serves for bathing and can have different color and a smell.
Sew a soft toy
Пошейте мягкую игрушку самиIt is known that the most favourite place of each child – toy store. Lovely fluffy doggies and kitties, soft elephants and leverets what can be so joyful to a children's heart?! In this article will tell how to make the hands some amusing soft toys which will be pleasant not only to children, but also adults.
How to make accessories fashionable
Как сделать аксессуары моднымиThe bag, belt, hairpin or clip for hair – without all these accessories a suit seems unfinished. And as it is pleasant to mention in conversation that you made this handbag own hands! Last time told you about the receptions capable to change any to unrecognizability. All methods already familiar to you are suitable for production of fashionable accessories.
Alteration of clothes, from old in the stylish
Переделка одежды, из старой в стильнуюOn the street hot summer, and all of us want to look beautifully and fashionably. But what to do if there is no money for purchase of new stylish clothes? suggests you to make it independently. Your imagination and our councils will change your dresses to unrecognizability!
Trees from beads, make
Деревья из бисера, сделай самModern skilled workers use the experience which is saved up in the millennia and besides decoration of clothes and footwear, bracelets and a necklace, do also tremendous beauty of a tree and flowers. Looking at such beaded fairy tale, it is difficult to believe that all this creation of hands of the person. In this article will tell how it is possible from beads and applied means to make tiny trees.
Decoration of bottles the hands
Украшение бутылок своими руками will tell how it is possible to decorate with the hands a usual bottle, having turned it into a small work of art, an exclusive thing which will please even the biggest fastidious person and which will be able ideally to add and even to bring a variety your interior.
Gifts the hands
Подарки своими рукамиOn the Russian calendar besides the days off there is a set of other red dates. Also it was so moved for a long time that for holidays it is necessary to give gifts. Make happy relatives with beautiful and tasty gifts, and you will feel happiness. is ready to share with you the ideas of original self-made tasty gifts.
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