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Repair and finishing

Councils for apartment renovation, houses. In the section you receive information about qualitative bathroom equipment, durable windows and doors, a tile, wall-paper, linoleum and so forth.
Repair and finishing: all articles
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Alignment of a ceiling
Выравнивание потолкаOne of problems of an internal interior old is the rough ceiling. Differences of level, most likely, will be caused by rough laying of plates or low-quality seal of seams between them. Works on elimination of such defects can be divided into two groups: crude and dry works. Each type of works has pluses and minuses.
Laying of a laminate
Укладка ламинатаAfter you bought a laminate and brought it home it is necessary to take indoors within several days that he adapted for humidity and temperature and accepted the corresponding sizes. So, the bought laminate already lies in the apartment and waits for the laying. For a start it is necessary to estimate quality of a surface.
Technology of laying of a tile
Технология укладки плиткиOften quotations on laying of 1 sq.m. of a tile can approach the cost of the most square meter of a tile. will consider how, possessing the minimum construction skills, rather qualitatively to put a tile, so that our work adequately looked and prime cost was not frightening.
Preparation of the apartment for installation of windows
Подготовка квартиры к установке оконIf you decided to establish in the apartment new windows, not very well what – wooden or plastic, it is better to be prepared for arrival of assemblers in advance. Following to our small councils will precisely reduce time of cleaning of the apartment. But, as shows personal experiment, the order should be brought not only to that room where assemblers, and visited all apartment.
Options of finishing of a ceiling
Варианты отделки потолкаSooner or later we reflect on repair of a ceiling, today we will talk about options of its finishing. In the modern apartment usual bleached or colored aqueous emulsion ink the ceiling does not look any more. Presently there is a set of materials and technologies which will allow to create design of a ceiling according to the exclusive plan.
What to choose wall-paper
Какие выбрать обоиPeople sought to decorate walls of the dwelling long since, only at various times did it differently: primitive hunters - skins of the bears killed on hunting and tigers, inhabitants of medieval castles – carpets and gobelins. And very much at a distant day wall-paper, habitual for us, became the most widespread material for finishing of walls.
How to glue wall-paper
Как клеить обоиNo repair can be considered finished, wall-paper is not pasted yet... New wall-paper is capable to change cardinally a view of the room, visually to increase or reduce it. Pasting wall-paper, we pursue one aim – to make the room beautiful for a long time.
Blinds what it is better to buy
Жалюзи, какие лучше купитьWell here, repair comes to an end, the ceiling is ready, on walls new wall-paper, new windows are pleasing to the eye. But something is not enough. Ah yes, the spring sun dispersed outright, filled in all room with light. Perhaps, even there is too much light... Than to curtain a window? Old curtains are no good, they already got out of fashion and simply do not approach a new interior. What to do? We go to buy blinds!
In total about stretch ceilings
Всё о натяжных потолкахStretch ceilings can become an element of any interior from classics to hi-tech both at office, and in the apartment. There were stretch ceilings relatively recently, but nevertheless development of this direction happens quite promptly. Along with the French stretch ceilings for today also the Russian firms are already engaged in their production.
What to buy a ceramic tile
Какую купить керамическую плиткуWhen we are going to buy a ceramic tile, first of all, we reflect on the cost and color of a tile. And to some extent, it is right, after all the purpose in that for reasonable price to give to an interior a beautiful look, whether it be a bathroom, kitchen or a hall.
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