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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Care of a begonia
Уход за бегониейIf you love plants with bright, bright flowers, try to part klubnevy begonias on the country site. Then their salmon, orange, red, cream, pink, white flowers will be from far away visible. It is possible to place them on beds. And the ampelous grades suspended in flowerpots or standing on supports will fascinate all summer people around, to open the new buds.
Useful properties of a rambutan
Полезные свойства рамбутанаExotic rambutan is a unique fruit which differs in delicate aroma, taste, and also mass of useful properties, not similar on other products. Scope of this fruit is not limited only to cookery as the rich chemical composition of a rambutan caused popularity of use of a fruit in medicine and cosmetology.
Leaving for the zamiokulkasy
Уход за замиокулькасомIn the house and financial wellbeing in the people connect two houseplants with prosperity – the crassula known for much (nicknamed "a monetary tree") and gaining popularity zamiokulkas, called still "by a dollar tree.
Medicinal properties of a meadowsweet
Лечебные свойства лабазникаMany perceive a meadowsweet only as the beautiful ornamental plant capable to decorate a garden. During blossoming round its fragrant magnificent white brushes hardworking bees, bumblebees, butterflies and other insects are always cheerfully turned.
Leaving for noliny in house conditions
Уход за нолиной в домашних условияхNolina – an unusual tree with a bottle-shaped trunk and linearly - bow-shaped leaves. A sort it from Mexico, now belongs to family asparagus (earlier belonged to agavovy). How to grow up such wonder, undemanding to leaving, capable in the expanded trunk to accumulate moisture during the droughty period, you learn from this article.
Care of a passionflower in house conditions
Уход за пассифлорой в домашних условияхHouses, in a small pot, it is possible to grow up an unusual liana which the stem short moustaches will actively cling to a support, it offered. Call this plant a passionflower, "a kavalersky star" or a passionflower. And not only magnificent green material this plant, but also the amazing large flowers which are pleasantly smelling and even will please with fruits you.
Care of the bugenvilly
Уход за бугенвиллейPractically all brightly and violently blossoming houseplants is from tropics. They are used, both for decoration of apartments, and for creation of flower compositions. Same concerns also a bugenvillea which the tenderness and brightness is capable to recover even the most sad room.
Application of a grass of a manzhetka
Применение травы манжеткиManzhetka can be met on meadows, in the rare woods, on river coast and even in the yard near the house. At a plant very beautiful leaves in which droplets of pure dew gather in the mornings. People thought up many names to this plant – a rosyany grass, a mastitis, hare cabbage, a barannik, a lion's pad, a star-shaped grass.
Care of a tradescantia
Уход за традесканциейThe modest tradescantia can be carried to those window plants which even at insignificant leaving, intensively grow and look attractively. It not only is decorative, but also brings benefit.
Useful properties of berries of a sanberra
Полезные свойства ягод санберриIn many countries of the world unusual berries of a sanberra gain popularity. Gradually this culture having curative properties grows roots and on country sites of Russians, especially in northern areas.
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