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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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Recipe of jam from pumpkin
Рецепт варенья из тыквыIn spite of the fact that this vegetable is very useful to an organism, not all love pumpkin dishes. But the real hostesses know that unusual pumpkin aroma can become a dish highlight, for example, such as jam. If you still never tried this sweet, a lot of things lost.
How to prepare pumpkin fritters
Как приготовить оладьи из тыквыThe good hozyayushka always knows, than to feed the family that it was and is tasty, and it is useful. One of such dishes which by right is considered autumn – pumpkin fritters. All ingredients are available to them and fritters very simply therefore having tried time prepare, you for certain will leave them in the menu.
Recipe of cabbage pie
Рецепт капустного пирогаPie – a traditional dish of Slavic cuisine on which our far ancestors regaled still in those days when the flour was ground in manual and to get milk, it was necessary to milk own cow. The stuffing could be any, but cabbage pie always took a special place in a traditional cuisine.
How to open a coco
Как открыть кокосAlmost all people in the world tried a coco in this or that look. Today there is a set of products with addition of coconut flakes, the coconut milk can be found in any supermarket, but not all happened to try a coco in a "primitive" look. If you are among those to whom still has not the luck to try the "real" coco, we suggest to use the useful instruction.
Advantage of pearl-barley porridge
Польза перловой кашиIn the ancient time people were closer to the earth and were a good judge of plants. They took all the simply, the best and natural and received invaluable advantage. Earlier people were more healthy, stronger and are more hardy because ate gifts of the nature. Today healthy food is replaced with modern substitutes which save time, select money, and in exchange do not bring any benefit.
Use of ryzhikovy oil
Применение рыжикового маслаWhen speak about ryzhikovy oil, mean a product not from mushrooms, and from an annual plant of a saffron milk cap from which receive this valuable product. Thanks to rich mineral and vitamin structure ryzhikovy oil many diseases treat, and also add to dishes and cosmetic preparations.
Advantage of ayran
Польза айранаOn shelves of shops different fermented milk products are presented: kefir, fermented baked milk and yogurts, and also curdled milk. Quite recently the range was updated, and popularity is won by molokoprodukta with useful bacteria (bioadditives) and soft dairy drinks: thane and ayran.
Recipes of soup from a rabbit
Рецепты супа из кроликаWe got used to eat chicken, pork or beef, and here rabbit meat in each family appears extremely seldom. And it is vain because rabbit flesh is very useful both to children, and to adults. And what we most often prepare from a carcass of a rabbit? Of course, roast, with vegetables, rice or potatoes. But today we will arrive differently and we will cook very tasty, and, above all useful a rabbit soup.
Advantage and harm of butter
Польза и вред сливочного маслаTo receive 1 kilogram of the real butter, it is necessary to process 25 liters of natural cow's milk. It also caused the high cost of a product. But, despite the price and that the advantage of a product at many raises doubts, oil does not leave tables of our compatriots for many years, and even centuries.
The recipe of tomato paste for the winter
Рецепт томатной пасты на зимуThe summer time is created not only for rest but also to prepare for cold winter days when in the afternoon with fire you do not find some fresh vegetables, and the organism persistently demands vitamins. And not to repeat a sad fate of an ant from all of the known fable of I. A. Krylov, we will prompt how to make tasty and that the most important, useful preparations for the winter.
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