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Councils for a choice and maintenance of pets of all species and breeds. Read about care of cats and dogs, parrots and rodents, small fishes and reptiles: as it is correct to feed, about diseases and their treatment.
Pets: all articles
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Maintenance of a Pomeranian spitz-dog
Содержание померанского шпицаSimilar appearance and a color on a toy, he has a tiny fluffy doggie a sharp muzzle and a fluffy tail, and still – this dog, to all other, is able to smile! No, it not inventions, is a real-life small animal!
Urolithic illness at cats
Мочекаменная болезнь у кошекMany owners of cats who are looking after the pets heard about such disease as an urolithic illness which is also called urolitiaz. If you have a cat and you do not know about such illness, this article will help you to understand the matter.
Burmansky cat, features of breed
Бурманская кошка, особенности породыThe person who saw the real burmansky cat, will never forget this meeting because such individual appearance and clever character forever will remain in memory. An image of a burma – quite so in abbreviated form call this breed – it is really unique.
Features of breed pit bull terrier
Особенности породы питбультерьерAmerican pit bull terrier. Probably, it is the most inconsistent breed of dog in the world, after all exists as a huge number of fans of pit bull terriers, not smaller number of those who hates these dogs.
Treatment of clamidiosis at cats
Лечение хламидиоза у кошекClamidiosis call an infectious disease which is caused by hlamidiya. Hlamidiya intracellular parasites from the sort Chlamydia in turn represent. These bacteria much are similar to viruses. They act, mainly, in epitelialny fabric. Also hlamidiya affect cages of immune system of animals. When the hlamidiya gets into a cage, parasites neutralize its protective mechanisms.
Egyptian Mau: features of breed
Египетская мау: особенности породыThe Egyptian Mau is one of the cat breeds, most ancient in the world. There is a legend what exactly these representatives of the cat's lived 4000 more back and, respectively, are descendants of the Egyptian goddess Bastet.
Treatment of toxoplasmosis at cats
Лечение токсоплазмоза у кошекToksoplazmami name microscopic parasites who are widespread worldwide. Statistically a quarter of meat which is on sale in shop today, contains toksoplazma. The same statistics says that the third part of mankind is carriers toksoplazm, and more than a half of all mammals are infected with toxoplasmosis.
Dobermann terrier: features of breed
Доберман: особенности породыProbably, there is no person which Dai, Jim, for luck a paw to me …" would not hear Sergey Yesenin's poem ". Many know that the great poet devoted this creation to a dog of the actor Vasily Kachalov. And, probably, very few people know that Kachalov had a dog of breed a Dobermann terrier.
Treatment of a piroplasmosis at dogs
Лечение пироплазмоза у собакPiroplasmosis call a noninfectious disease of dogs. As an illness of the noninfectious nature, it is simply impossible to catch it from other animal.
Treatment of leptospirosis at dogs
Лечение лептоспироза у собакLeptospirosis call a serious infectious natural and focal disease. At once it is necessary to tell that if the animal, that is probability of that the owner will get sick is ill. Thus this disease has quite serious consequences, up to a lethal outcome.
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In a Japanese zoo of Higashiyam there was a funny case: because of high temperatures in July-August and because of the irresponsible relation of workers to the duties, water in a pond in the open-air cage blossomed and painted animals in green color.