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Councils for a business management and finance. Information on deposits, credits, on different types of payments and use of plastic cards. Keep money in the budget and force them to work.
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Where to find and how to obtain the most favorable credit
Где найти и как получить наиболее выгодный кредитThe wide range of offers of commercial banks makes a choice of the optimum credit for the borrower the most difficult. Often everything is reduced only to a choice of a credit rate or requirements to a package of documents. Nevertheless it is worth choosing the creditor not so hasty especially as for this purpose each of us near at hand has a useful, simple tool – the Internet.
Packing and marking of goods
Упаковка и маркировка товаровCommodity brands appeared when there was a need to divide producers and sellers. Today they carry out the same function. As means of marking the labels, labels, bar codes identifying goods of concrete firm act. Packing represents not only a security measure of goods, but also the important instrument of sales promotion.
Retail shops in distribution system
Розничные магазины в системе сбытаRetail trade is a type of commercial activity, the direction on satisfaction of needs of end users. The enterprises of retail trade finish process of physical distribution of inventory items. Realization of goods by means of retail shops happens for consumption of the acquired production for personal reasons.
Etiquette of business communication
Этикет делового общенияBeginning the career in office it is not enough to own skills of office etiquette. The important component in your advance will be played by meetings, negotiations, other official actions the correct behavior on which will become the key to success. The etiquette of the business sphere is very many-sided, and it is impossible to comprehend it at once all. But it is necessary to aspire to it.
Characteristic and choice of sales channels
Характеристика и выбор каналов сбытаThe sales channel represents a complex of the interconnected enterprises which activity is directed on the organization of process of a commodity-money exchange. In other words, the sales channel includes a certain number of the companies, each of which is one way or another involved in a chain of the movement of goods from a place of its production to the end user.
How to order and receive a credit card on the Internet
Как заказать и получить кредитную карту в интернетеThe simplest consumer credit can turn back for hours of the killed free time, the mass of the spent nerves and forces, and also weeks of expectation. Fortunately, there is also an alternative to campaigns in bank. Why somewhere to go if you can submit the application for a credit card, staying at home in the habitual chair, and to see available options on the thematic sites.
How to open online store without investments
Как открыть интернет-магазин без вложенийEach person dreams to open the business. However reefs in the organization of business so many that the desire quickly disappears. But there is a "facilitated" option – you can open regional representation of any large online store in the city. I will not tell that process was too simple, but it, undoubtedly, in power practically to each person.
1C: Accounts department, accounting of operations with fixed assets
1С: Бухгалтерия, учет операций с основными средствамиProgram "1C: The accounts department" is intended for automation of accounting operations. The accounting of fixed assets is not an exception and is realized in the program by means of the relevant documents which carrying out forms necessary accounting records and printing forms. Let's consider on the example of the software "1C: Accounts department" on a platform 8.2.
Assortment policy of the enterprise
Ассортиментная политика предприятияThe range of goods represents set of the goods possessing the similar individual properties providing realization of their functional purpose and creating a show-window of the enterprise. The range under the influence of various factors, among which demand, profitability and production base of the enterprise is formed.
ABC analysis of sales
ABC-анализ продажThe purpose of the analysis of results of activity of the enterprise is identification of problems, search of ways of fight against them. An assortment number of the company consists of a set of positions. To place priorities between goods and to make the decision on an exception of the range, it is necessary to carry out the complex analysis of sales. One of methods of such analysis is ABC analysis.
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