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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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How to give up smoking Beauty and health
Как бросить куритьAs still Mark Twain noticed, "to give up smoking very simply, I 100 times threw". Whether there are after all ways to get rid of this addiction finally? The main thing that for this purpose is necessary for you is an existence of serious motivation.
Sunbed - how it is correctly to sunbathe Beauty and health
Солярий - как загорать правильноAlready very soon there will come the summer, we will put on in open dresses and easy topics. Of course, there is a wish that under them there was a beautiful skin with equal suntan. If you could not go to holiday, the artificial sun of a sunbed will come to the rescue. Only it is necessary to sunbathe correctly.
Selection of a hairdress Hairstyles and hairdresses
Подбор причёскиCreating new image, or simply seeking to refresh the style, We can not always make selection of a suitable hairdress. And after all it will influence in many respects perception you as persons surrounding people. But you will be able to afford thus not any hairdress because of type and a structure of hair. The hairstyle, eventually, can simply not approach a shape of your face.
Beauty formula Beauty and health
Формула красотыWe, women, often reflect how to improve ourselves, the appearance with which we are always dissatisfied. Even if we would be such faultless as Aphrodite, apparently, all the same would find in themselves a heap of defects. In what this formula of beauty consists? What components enter it?
Influence of physical exercises or with fitness on life Beauty and health
Влияние физических упражнений или с фитнессом по жизниYou want to look good and perfectly to feel? Also understand that with it you can be helped by physical exercises. Numerous fitness clubs offer a set of services, and to understand that will suit individually you – this article will help.
To what to buy sun-protection cream Cosmetics and perfumery
Какой купить солнцезащитный кремThe summer comes, many people go to a holiday on a seashore, but thus do not care of sun-protection means, having taken with themselves only dark glasses, a fashionable hat and a beach umbrella.
To what to buy a bathing suit Clothes
Какой купить купальникWhen the summer sun starts burning slightly the warm beams, involuntarily start remembering about rest by the sea on a sandy beach. And here the thought of comes at once, whether is in your clothes such necessary and, it is desirable, a fashionable accessory as a bathing suit without which do unless on a nudist beach.
How to pick up color of clothes Clothes
Как подобрать цвет одеждыHow to pick up color of clothes? It would seem, everything is easy and simple, but the question has many answers in what its complexity consists. It is correct to pick up color is to achieve its full combination to your character, mood, lifestyle, it and to give you even more attractive look.
As it is correct to choose sunglasses Accessories
Как правильно выбрать солнцезащитные очкиWith approach of summer more and more actual is a question of acquisition of sunglasses. This small accessory can do not become simple for you protection against ultraviolet rays, but also give to your style eccentricity and refinement. And therefore it is better to choose points not at a counter where you are simply lost from their variety.
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