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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Mud cure, therapeutic muds of the Dead Sea Beauty and health
Грязелечение, лечебные грязи Мертвого моряCurative properties of the Dead Sea are known since the most ancient times. Still ancient Jews and Romans built water mud baths on the bank of the Dead Sea. One of the main richness of this unique reservoir is the therapeutic mud extracted from the date of the Dead Sea.
Salt of the Dead Sea Beauty and health
Соль Мертвого моряCurative power of water of the Dead Sea was known since the most ancient times. The unusual name is the sea received still in the ancient time because in its waters with 30 percent concentration of salts and mineral substances, practically, there are no live organisms.
How to bleach teeth Beauty and health
Как отбеливать зубыUnfortunately, over time turn yellow not only pages of books, but also teeth therefore bleaching it is necessary for everyone. After all process of yellowing is quite natural and natural, but it spoils our smile and gives out age about which not all want to speak.
Influence of smoking on skin and figure Beauty and health
Влияние курения на кожу и фигуруIf you smoke to remain allegedly harmonous and beautiful, know that this delusion. The best that you can make for achievement of a desirable figure is, first of all, to give up smoking.
Care of face skin (councils to men) Beauty and health
Уход за кожей лица (советы мужчинам)The few men got used to use cosmetics. All care of face skin is limited to shaving foam and the moisturizing balm after. And that your person had a healthy attractive appearance, such care of skin it can appear insufficiently. Means for care of face skin enough. It is necessary to choose the most suitable only.
How to choose a fur coat Clothes
Как выбрать шубуAny girl dreams of a beautiful fur coat since she starts reflecting on the clothes. And no wonder, after all the fur coat not only warms the hostess, but also testifies to her taste and, of course, the status.
Care of face skin (councils to women) Beauty and health
Уход за кожей лица (советы женщинам)Care of face skin – one of aspirations in the woman's life thanks to which she tries to look beautifully and attractively. The cosmetics, street dust, problem skin – all this lays down big freight on our skin and demands the corresponding leaving.
Care of face skin Beauty and health
Уход за кожей лицаCare of face skin demands from us special attention. At teenage age face skin can suffer from an acne illness, with age there are wrinkles. And therefore face care is necessary not only when there are some problems, and as daily prevention.
Diet as a way to grow thin Beauty and health
Диета как способ похудетьThe desire to grow thin unites many people. And as one of ways to lose weight – to go on a diet. But such choice is not always simple, after all the majority of diets is not something short-term.
How to keep suntan Beauty and health
Как сохранить загарWith approach of summer at last it is possible to embody the dreams of beautiful suntanned skin, without resorting to services of a sunbed. Only the problem – suntan disappears so easily, as well as is got. So it is better to take measures for preservation of nice swarthiness in advance.
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