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Fashion and style

The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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How to choose lipstick Cosmetics and perfumery
Как выбрать помадуOn what men when see the pretty woman most often pay attention? Strangely enough, on her lips. Therefore any woman knows that this part of a body demands especially careful leaving and care. It is not known that modern women of fashion would think up to draw to themselves attention if once lipstick was not invented.
In total about eyelash extension Beauty and health
Все о наращивании ресницAs eyelashes of advertizing beauties - long, dense, fluffy are good! The tremendous effect, but is reached it not as a result of use of the advertized ink at all, and by means of absolutely other procedure. will try to devote in all subtleties these are arts of creation dense, long, and, above all, indistinguishable from own eyelashes.
Fashionable hairdresses and hairstyles 2007 Hairstyles and hairdresses
Модные прически и стрижки 2007We can follow an example of the celebrities, adopt their manner to put on, copy their stylish hairdresses. But nevertheless in the majority fashionable tendencies year after a year are introduced in our life from abroad. Therefore would like to turn your look into that party, having shown, what fashionable tendencies in the field of hairdresses were brought to us by 2007.
Fashion for the summer 2007 Clothes
Мода на лето 2007Summer in the heat, and, of course, there is a wish to be always on a fashion crest, to shine and blow the mind. Long ago behind there were spring and summer weeks of fashion 2007 therefore the main tendencies are already defined. And if you did not create clothes for the summer yet, will tell you, in what to put on, at what things to look narrowly more attentively.
How to choose mascara Cosmetics and perfumery
Как выбрать тушь для ресницWithout what most of women around the world cannot do? Of course, without mascara. Even those who adheres to minimalism in a daily make-up, cannot resist against this "magic wand" which one wave does eyes more, and a look - more expressive, open, languid.
How to get rid of extensions Beauty and health
Как избавиться от растяжекDuring pregnancy any future mother feels the mass of fears. At least, one of them – fear to lose former beauty – is connected with possible emergence of extensions. Is going to talk about the possible reasons of emergence and ways to get rid of extensions of in this article.
Clothes as your figure Clothes
Гардероб по типу вашей фигурыFor anybody not a secret that each woman dreams of a beautiful figure, long legs, a wasp waist. But what to do if you have too small breast, very wide hips or, on the contrary, large shoulders and narrow hips? Before going to shop behind things, recommends to become in front of the mirror and to define, what type of a figure suits you more.
How to make hair is more dense Hairstyles and hairdresses
Как сделать волосы гущеDensity of hair depends on quantity of hair follicles, this size is defined genetically. There is a set of the reasons which are slowing down growth, thinning hair and promoting their loss. and will tell about methods which allow to increase density of hair in both the natural, and artificial way, in this article.
How to tie a tie Accessories
Как завязывать галстукThe tie in the modern world of business people is an integral part of man's clothes. For all history of existence there were about 85 ways of setting of a tie. Therefore give together with we will consider the most widespread and simple ways of setting of ties.
As it is correct to have a shave Beauty and health
Как правильно бритьсяWe have to thank progress for such remarkable invention as the shaving machine. Smooth, close shave without irritation of skin, burning, cuts is of what each man dreams. But why it is so difficult to make, apparently, such simple thing!?
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