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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Make-up 2007 - fashionable tendencies Cosmetics and perfumery
Макияж 2007 - модные тенденцииHaving returned since a week of fashion in Paris all lost in admiration. Colors, paints, motives – as they say: "To see and die". Identity – the main whiff of a summer season 2007. Continuing by conversation on fashionable trends of this year, would like to share with the readers and that new art of a make-up in tendencies.
Why it is worth making a permanent make-up Cosmetics and perfumery
Почему стоит сделать перманентный макияжDeficiency of time in the mornings - the real scourge of the working woman: to wash, make a breakfast, to collect and take away the child in kindergarten … As here you will manage to make a full-fledged make-up! And meanwhile, drawing a permanent make-up, - that which keeps some years could become an excellent exit from this situation.
How to arrange SPA procedures at home Beauty and health
Как устроить SPA процедуры у себя домаSPA is the abbreviation literally meaning "health by means of water". Still in the ancient time people understood, the sources beating from under the earth, especially hot can be how useful. What is SPA and as it is possible to organize for himself similar therapy in house conditions, and is going to tell.
Care of clothes Clothes
Уход за одеждойOnce long ago the skin of an animal was the only clothes of the person. With development of a civilization in the person the increasing and bigger choice of clothes, a variety of fabrics began to appear, both natural, and synthetic blows the mind. But now the person has other question – how to look after the clothes?
Review of summer collections of clothes 2007 Clothes
Обзор летних коллекций одежды 2007Presently most of men and women seek to look stylishly and fashionably. But for this purpose to make a certain impression, in clothes it is necessary to conform to the secret rules which are dictated regularly to us by designers. For this purpose to learn about the latest news from the world of fashion, offers readers the small review of summer collections of the leading fashion houses.
As well as what to choose spirits Cosmetics and perfumery
Как и какие выбрать духиFor the modern person spirits are one of the most important elements of style. Besides the aroma corresponding to your image gives confidence, helps to reveal. offers some simple, but useful tips which, for certain, will help you to make a choice, optimum for themselves in the help.
5 secrets of beauty from Paris Hilton Beauty and health
5 секретов красоты от Пэрис ХилтонThe beautiful successor of "throne" of a network of hotels – Paris Hilton now at popularity peak. Any secular news do not do without it. We bring to your attention some councils thanks to which, each of readers of, irrespective of a state will be able to become a star of the life and a subject of imitation for people around.
Technology of nail extension Beauty and health
Технология наращивания ногтей"To think of beauty of nails", - the obligatory rule of the modern woman. Alas, beautiful long nails by nature – destiny of the few. What to do? It is possible to try to solve a problem as it is possible well filing nails that they did not break, and it is possible – to address to specialized salon where your nails will approach to an ideal by means of technology of nail extension.
Fashionable bathing suits summer 2007 Clothes
Модные купальники лето 2007Last time told about fashionable tendencies of summer 2007 in clothes, today we will talk about bathing suits and bathing accessories. These small slices of fabric covering "the very best places" are capable to make you a beach star. So, it will be a question of bathing suits, fashionable in the summer of 2007.
Care of footwear, rules and councils Clothes
Уход за обувью, правила и советыPassed those times when people went barefoot by the wild nature. To the person it bothered to be cut in blood about sharp stones therefore he thought up footwear. How to make so that it served long and pleased the owners? Also is going to talk about this, after all not each person knows, what leaving is required that footwear which it carries.
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