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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Fashionable footwear for the fall-winter 2007-2008 Clothes
Модная обувь на осень-зиму 2007-2008Morning frosts and evening cool set thinking seriously that the fall comes nearer. It is time to go to shops behind warm clothes and footwear. Despite cumulonimbus clouds, there is a wish to be at the height of fashion. Today will tell, what footwear is actual in a season fall-winter 2007-2008.
Coloring of hair, rules and councils Hairstyles and hairdresses
Окрашивание волос, правила и советыAfter numerous experiments your hair happened the most different flowers and shades. Often the choice of a hair color is dictated by simple desire to resemble some entertainment star or cinema. But here everything is already tried and everything is experienced, and now again the desire to paint hair came. Then you need to read this article from
Reddening of eyes, useful tips Beauty and health
Покраснение глаз, полезные советыThe problem of red eyes is familiar, probably, to each adult. Unlike other problems with eyes reddening easily is found independently: the smallest blood vessels on a surface of eyeballs extend. Reddening can often be avoided, and at emergence of a redness to try to hide – and is going to tell about it.
How to get rid of bruises Beauty and health
Как избавиться от синяковBruises, or in a different way hematomas, in most cases we receive, having hit something. At blow blood vessels burst, and blood from them spreads under skin, causing a swelling change of color and morbidity. When next time you get bruise, remember useful tips from
Aromatherapy in house conditions Beauty and health
Ароматерапия в домашних условияхSince the healthy lifestyle became fashionable, different types of nonconventional medicine in which gifts of the nature are applied became more popular: branches of plants, flowers, leaflets, backs, peel of fruit. In this article will tell about an aromatherapy and about everything that with it it is connected.
How to get rid of circles under eyes Beauty and health
Как избавиться от кругов под глазамиDark circles give to the face rather tired, than old look, and the only question which you will hear from people around, it something like the sympathizing: "You very much were tired?" In this article will give some important and so necessary advice of subjects for whom circles under eyes became a problem, but not result of an unsuccessful make-up.
How to reduce irritation after shaving of feet Beauty and health
Как уменьшить раздражение после бритья ногYou use the razor to take away hair and to make skin of feet beautiful – smooth and brilliant. Driving the razor on feet, you do not think at all that on them there can be unattractive red spots. What to do? recommends the following procedures allowing to avoid a redness and an itch after shaving.
Correct posture it is so easy Beauty and health
Правильная осанка - это так легкоDoctors consider that to learn to hold the back directly never late. The earlier you will begin, the it is more than chances that in the future you will manage to avoid the old-womanish bearing caused by osteoporosis. Therefore will tell today what actually the bearing is considered correct, and what exercises need to be done for its improvement.
How to give to eyebrows the beautiful form Beauty and health
Как придать бровям красивую формуEyebrows, be they dense and bright or thin and graceful decorate the person not worse than the most careful make-up. To the contrary, inaccurate eyebrows can spoil work even the best stylist. Therefore your eyebrows are worthy special attention. To make them attractive it is rather simple, but it is necessary to know from what to begin what to do and when to stop.
Fashion trends (fall 2007) Beauty and health
Тенденции моды (осень 2007)Here imperceptibly already there passed a half of summer. We will not manage and to look back as will become cold, from trees the foliage will start falling down – and the fall will come. offers you the review of autumn collections of the brightest and interesting fashion houses, the setting main tendencies in fashion for fall of 2007.
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