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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Photoepilation Beauty and health
ФотоэпиляцияThe epilation is a removal of hair for a long time, in an ideal – forever, due to destruction of hair bulbs one way or another. Ideal ways of an epilation it is meanwhile not thought up. One of the most modern methods is the photoepilation. About that the method is how effective, whether there are contraindications and where it is better to address – about all these questions we and will talk.
How to do a facial massage Beauty and health
Как делать массаж лицаFacial massage – one of the most necessary procedures of care of skin. Massage helps skin to breathe, thereby doing still smooth, young and elastic. Of course, the independent facial massage will not replace to you services of the expert but if correctly to make everything – that to achieve good effect quite really.
Photorejuvenation Beauty and health
ФотоомоложениеThe method of photorejuvenation consists in impact on skin the getting light radiation with specially picked up frequencies. Thus various structures in the thickness of skin receive various amount of energy – and, respectively, either are stimulated, or collapse – depending on a goal.
Piercing Beauty and health
ПирсингPiercing is the most ancient way of decoration of a body since Ancient Egypt. On light millions of people have on a body various punctures on all body: ears, nose, lips, navel etc. But uneducated it is difficult to present all variety of jewelry of a body which permissibly to make by means of piercing.
As what to choose a belt on a belt Accessories
Какой выбрать ремень на поясWide and narrow, soft and rigid, made of skin or of fabric, carrying out image or purely practical function. Summer and winter, spring and fall – each season for them a season. They can change the color, the size, a form, but they are not be irrelevant. All this about belts. What it is necessary to know before to go to buy a belt?
How not to grow plump at the holiday table Beauty and health
Как не располнеть за праздничным столомHaving seen off all guests, having washed up all ware, and with relief having thought that at last the holiday ended, we for the morning with an aching heart become on scales. Yes, indeed – superfluous couple of kilograms. And after all promised, swore that we will gather also excess gram. But, alas, figures on scales inevitably show the return.
Technology of massage of feet and feet Beauty and health
Техники массажа стоп и ногMassage of feet and a foot differs from, say, massage of a back a little. In this article will tell, than massage of the lower extremities is so useful as to make it to the loved one in house conditions how to mass feet and feet to itself, and also that in the field the saloon industry is ready to offer us.
Modern alignment of teeth Beauty and health
Современное выравнивание зубовStatistically only at 40% of people equal teeth and the correct bite. Can be the cause of rough teeth both heredity, and more ordinary reasons. Happens also that the size of a jaw does not correspond to the size of teeth – they do not have a place. Untimely replacement of milk teeth can also play a role …
How to choose a winter coat Clothes
Как выбрать зимнее пальтоWinter coat – a necessary detail of clothes. After all our winters are very changeable, a frost, thaw. The winter coat will not protect you from a hard frost. The wide choice of a coat, of course, cannot but please, but also choose really qualitative thing in such variety happens not easy.
Jewelry as a gift to the woman Accessories
Ювелирные украшения в подарок женщинеWomen are created for this purpose, what to give them jewelry. But which to present and as it is correct to choose them, women all different, and we, men, can get confused in the huge choice. And you simply remember how women look at show-windows with jewelry! Here we will also choose such beautiful feature by it in this article.
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