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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Gymnastics for the person Beauty and health
Гимнастика для лицаCare of face skin and became a century necessary procedure for ladies of all age long ago, but treacherous wrinkles are not exterminated by one creams. To delay emergence of these unpleasant signs of age, it is necessary not to allow flabbinesses of skin, to keep face muscles in a tone. suggests you to begin fight for elasticity of skin right now!
Fashionable footwear spring-summer 2008 Clothes
Модная обувь весна-лето 2008Came it is time to go to shops behind fashionable footwear for a spring and summer season. But how not to become puzzled in variety on show-windows? How to choose the most fashionable footwear? What tendencies are actual in a new season? prepared this article for those who seeks to be at peak of a fashionable wave. So, the speech will be a question of the most interesting novelties from podiums.
Fashionable tendencies spring-summer 2008 Clothes
Модные тенденции весна-лето 2008Time came to think of that, in what to put on to be on a fashion crest in the forthcoming spring and summer season. All winter the well-known Couturiers of the world worked to create unique silhouettes and to define the main fashionable tendencies for spring-summer of 2008. In this article we will tell that for ladies creators of fashion prepared.
Plasticity of lips Beauty and health
Пластика губBeautiful sponges – one of the brightest signs of female appeal and sexuality. But over time lips lose the attractiveness so there is a need for special cosmetics. But not always the cosmetics is effective, and plasticity of lips comes to the rescue here. Thus it is possible to change considerably a form – so and character.
Thai massage Beauty and health
Тайский массажToday will talk about Thai massage (Nuad Boran, Nuad in Thai, yoga-massage). The homeland of this system is Thailand where thanks to geographical nuances influence of India and China connected. Legends attribute authorship to Dzhivaka Kumar Bkhachcha (Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha), the friend and Buddha's doctor. To it uplift prayers mantras healers before a session.
Lifting of a breast (mastopeksiya) Beauty and health
Подтяжка груди (мастопексия)How to carry out procedure of lifting of a breast? This question is very actual for a large number of women. Especially often thoughts that it would be absolutely quite good to tighten a breast and to improve its form, arise at women after the child's birth. And the age does not spare any section of a human body, including a female breast.
Operation on reduction of a breast Beauty and health
Операция по уменьшению грудиOperation on reduction of mammary glands is in the same great demand, as well as operation on increase in a breast. And if the women dreaming to have a magnificent bust are guided by esthetic reasons to look more attractive, operation on reduction too big and, respectively, a heavy breast it is simple need.
Belly dance for beginners Beauty and health
Танец живота для начинающихBelly dance (it is bellydance) – one of the most ancient dances in the world. It was known already in ancient Egypt, Babylon, India as the ritual dance devoted to the goddess of fertility. After all the stomach is a life. Belly dance – dance of Life, dance of Great Mother. It was called differently – Isida, Ishtar, Aphrodite …
Organism hardening Beauty and health
Закаливание организмаWhat is the hardening in general all know but as correctly to carry out it, know the few. You, probably, noticed that recently people are pursued by SARS. Now the hardening is one of ways to keep health. If you begin a hardening from tomorrow, you have a chance to participate in Epiphany bathing in January …
As it is easy to give up smoking Beauty and health
Как легко бросить куритьMany people asked me a question: "How to give up smoking?", – but it is impossible to give a definite answer, unfortunately. First of all, because approach to understanding of smoking can be various. Moderately the pragmatism, I look at smoking as on business, unfortunately, very unprofitable for the smoker.
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