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Useful tips on psychology are some kind of consultations on problematic issues of the relations in a family, between the man and the woman, developments of the personality and children's psychology.
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How to react to rudeness Psychology of the relations
Как реагировать на хамствоEach of us faces rudeness, disrespect, embitternment manifestation more or less often. Roughness causes a condition of a stupor in many, others, on the contrary, angers to such state that the person falls to irritant level. In many respects depends on a situation. How it is correct to react to rudeness otherwise?
How to become quieter Psychology of the personality
Как стать спокойнееThe mad rhythm of life of the modern person can unsettle, break internal balance and, finally, break will. The main ways to calm down are well-known. But what to do if the temporary relaxation does not change a picture essence, and the irritation becomes a habit and does not vanish for one day? For a start it is worth thinking of how you position yourself.
Art therapy techniques Psychology of the relations
Методики арт-терапииArt therapy is one of the psychotherapeutic methods used for diagnostics and correction of psychological frustration. Besides, it also way of self-expression of the personality. As the certain therapeutic direction art therapy appeared in the sixties last century. Now it is widely applied practically in all directions of psychotherapy.
How to construct the serious relations Psychology of the relations
Как построить серьезные отношенияIn life of each person there comes such moment when it is necessary to reflect on the beginning of creation of the serious relations. And here the moment when you met the person with whom would like to carry out for the rest of the life came. Whether it is worth stopping the choice on this person? How to realize, whether it suits you, or it is the next short-term novel?
How to change life to the best Psychology of the personality
Как изменить жизнь к лучшемуWhy the person asked such question? First of all it means that the existing situation does not meet requirements and opportunities of the personality. You should not give in to despondency, and it is better to start realization of the desirable as soon as possible. At first it is necessary to finish that freight of the past finally. Let's consider all factors playing the greatest role in our life.
How to get rid of loneliness Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от одиночестваSpeaking about a loneliness problem, it is necessary to notice that it happens two types. The first look – compelled, or physical loneliness. We test it when we have no friends and relatives. The second look is a feeling of loneliness. With it everything is much more difficult. This such state of mind and mind when the person, even being among other people, feels lonely.
Methods of impact on audience Psychology of the relations
Методы воздействия на аудиториюDaily, we wish that or not, we realize it or not, but each of us acts as the Speaker convincing the whimsical lady Publika of something. Parents, friends, lessors, suppliers, customers, teachers, pupils … Daily we participate in negotiations and we defend the positions. How to increase efficiency of the communication with audience?!
How to be pleasant to people Psychology of the relations
Как понравиться людямQuite often we appear in a situation when it is necessary to make impression on people around. Sometimes with new people under circumstances, unusual for us, we start behaving unnaturally, we speak superfluous or, on the contrary, we cannot squeeze out from ourselves the word. We offer a little simple, but in too time of irreplaceable councils which will help you with such situations.
How to learn to say no Psychology of the personality
Как научиться говорить нетThe person by the nature is socially dependent. We develop in society, at the expense of it we become persons. All have an aspiration of people to be pleasant and be favourite. But whether there was no such thought at you at least once in life: "Why agreed? After all and there is a lot of affairs, and here also it". For this reason it is useful to learn to say no, ability it is necessary to refuse.
Violence problem in a family Psychology of the relations
Проблема насилия в семьеAs it is sad, to be near the, apparently, closest people sometimes is unsafe. On statistical data, in every fourth family cases of domestic violence are noted. Unfortunately, in our country do not pay due attention to this question. In this article we want to tell what to do if you fell the victim of violence in a family.
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