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Articles about various complexes of physical exercises. Power, respiratory, exercises on flexibility will help to develop and strengthen muscles, and also to make correction of a figure and separate parts of a body.
Exercises: all articles
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Occupations by water aerobics
Занятия аквааэробикойIt is pleasant to many women akvafitnes. As well as any fitness, water aerobics it is directed on supporting a body in peak form, however aerobics in water not simply strengthens muscles and cleans symptoms of cellulitis. A charm of such occupations that transformation into Aphrodite happens quickly and imperceptibly even for participants of group.
How to pump up a press to cubes
Как накачать пресс до кубиковTo strengthen press muscles, enough simple daily exercises. But to make the magnificent traced press of which it is possible to be proud, having taken off an undershirt, simple raisings of a trunk not to manage. From you determination, persistence and discipline for achievement of a goal will be required. We present you a set of exercises.
Types of martial arts
Виды боевых искусствMartial arts are special complexes the technician and receptions for self-defense. Possession of any single combat is considered in the best way to come out the winner in fight with the opponent. The most main incentive motive for those who decided to be admitted to school or section of single combats – that the man is obliged to be able to fight, protect himself, the girl, relatives, relatives.
Оздоровительный бегRun is one of the most available and effective remedies of improvement and strengthening of an organism. It promotes strengthening of muscles and a linking of the musculoskeletal device, develops the general endurance. Long occupation by run trains a cardiac muscle at the expense of what heart rate decreases and thus heart starts working more economically.
Motivation for sports activities
Мотивация для занятий спортомMany people dream that next Monday will make morning exercises, will start considering calories, will go to bed earlier and many other things. It occurs under the influence of a momentary impulse, passes some time and everything is forgotten. Why so occurs? The answer is simple – the wrong approach. The one who knows some elementary secrets, changed the life long ago.
Pilates – effective and safe system of exercises
Пилатес – эффективная и безопасная система упражненийHealthy lifestyle – a fashionable tendency number one around the world. But what to do if free time in the sports hall catastrophically is not enough for daily trainings, and modern exercise machines bore? Trainings on system of exercises Pilates – an excellent way out! Uniqueness of Pilates is that it has practically no contraindications.
Strengthening of muscles of hands
Укрепление мышц рукIt is accepted to call girls by "weaker sex". It does not prevent to load on them conducting household chores and education of children at all. Surprisingly, female hands at graceful forms possess the surprising force and endurance. But the nature not of all awarded with force of hands therefore it is necessary to correct a situation. The complex of special exercises will help to strengthen muscles of hands.
Run in the mornings
Бег по утрамOn morning jog it is possible to meet both the teenager, and the person aged. One are attracted by imaginary simplicity of occupations, and others – the gained effect thus. Anyway, physical activity does well only. And that run really did well in the mornings, it is important to follow some rules. Warm-up, the correct position of a body and breath - all this is important.
How to clean fatty deposits from sides on a waist
Как убрать жировые отложения с боков на талииIt is sure, each inhabitant of our blue planet at least once in life reflected on the constitution. And much do not like reflection in a mirror. That is small there, there is a bit too much. It also is clear: office work, dense and fat dinners, low-mobility. The most problem zone of a human body is the waist. In this part the bulk of excess centimeters accumulates.
As it is correct to stretch muscles
Как правильно растягивать мышцыExtension of muscles – an integral part of any training. Thanks to an extension of muscles their elasticity amplifies, coordination of movements improves, and, as a result, the probability of muscle strain and sports traumatism decreases. The exercises offered in article involve all muscular groups of your body.
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