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It is useful to know

Useful information and councils on different cases of life. They will tell you what to do and how to arrive in this or that life situation. It is necessary and it is useful to know, it is useful to you.
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How to learn to dance belly dance
Как научиться танцевать танец животаIn east countries the female stomach was always property of the public, part of culture, object of admiration and worship. The nakedness which is hardly covered with a translucent strip of fabric does not deprive this part of a female body of appeal inherent in it, even on the contrary at all.
Use of castor oil
Применение касторового маслаFor people of the senior generation castor oil is peculiar "nightmare" from the childhood, after all besides treatment, it applied and as a horror story to disobedient children. It even found reflection in children's literature (remember the book "Adventures of Dunno and His Friends" of Nosov) and Malvina tried to impart good manners of Buratino by means of the same castor oil.
Advantage and harm of black tea
Польза и вред черного чаяBoxes and bags with black tea and strongly located long ago in our kitchens. Today in popularity this drink does not concede even to beer! Still, after all daily in the world tea is made by three billion people!
As it is correct to drink tequila
Как правильно пить текилуTequila … The alcoholic drink fanned by myths and legends which on fortress is not inferior to vodka more habitual to the Russian person but possessing softer taste.
How to learn to sing
Как научиться петьAll people love music. However, all have at us different preferences: to someone to liking classics, and someone does not think of life without hard rock. Very frequent to sing desire in the same way as the favourite entertainment star, becomes persuasive dream. And the dream, as we know, needs to give chance of execution.
Organic agriculture
Органическое земледелиеToday many people seriously reflect on quality and ecological safety of the products getting to us on a table. Many seek to grow up a small, but "" environmentally friendly crop on a site. And it is valid, unless not a charm, to break the first gentle cucumber from a bed, or to gather a flat dish of ripe strawberry by a breakfast and that costed by an own very young kartoshechka in July.
Recipe of water of Sassi
Рецепт воды СассиIt has an unusual name Sassy water, but it possesses huge force. What it for the magician such? Water, but with a mass of merits. Today will tell you about panacea from extra kilos - Vode Sassi and its advantages.
How quickly to fall asleep
Как быстро уснутьAll elephants are counted, patterns on wall-paper were engraved in the memory firmly, and the dream is still not here. Periodically sleeplessness all have, depending on disorders of the endured day and mood before going to bed. But how to make so that sleeplessness did not become the chronic phenomenon, knows
Medicinal properties of fir oil
Лечебные свойства пихтового маслаAmong coniferous favourites in an aromatherapy fir oil stands a little aside. It is used much more less than, for example, the pine. And, by the way, the fir contains improving, unique in one other essential oil useful properties. Which, knows.
How to choose a hookah
Как выбрать кальянSpeak about it much. He is esteemed in many countries and used almost every day. It is a hookah. It became so popular that came and to Russia. The hookah is esteemed in many cities, it smoke in special cafes. There are clubs of fans of a hookah who teach people how to smoke a hookah correctly. We together with will plunge into the world of hookahs and we will find out how it is correct to choose a hookah.
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Christ Izbavitel's statue in Brazil is considered one of new seven wonders of the world. Statue height - 38 meters, including a pedestal — 8 m; weight — 1145 tons; scope of hands — 30 meters. Construction went from 1922 to 1931. To a statue the ladder from 220 steps conducts.