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Psychology of the relations

Councils for psychology of the relations. In the section information about the interpersonal, family relations (parental, matrimonial), between the man and the woman, and also business aspects of a question.
Psychology of the relations: all articles
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Family quarrels and reconciliation
Семейные ссоры и примирениеYour darling is angry, is rude, is brought from a half-turn. But it not always such, you love it and do not want to leave in any way, thus understand that your joint life becomes all nevynosimy. Whether it is possible to fight against aggression and to win against it? It is possible, but for this purpose it is necessary to deal with the reasons of quarrels, to stock up with patience and to work over itself.
Behavior in conflict situations
Поведение в конфликтных ситуацияхMany words already were govoreno about the conflicts, their reasons and consequences, but the question does not lose the relevance. After all each of us during only one day a set of times gets to conflict situations. At this time we spend the forces, energy, we do harm to own health. How to behave in case of the conflict to allow it optimum?
How to choose the partner in life
Как выбрать спутника жизниIt is rather heavy to much of us to find such person who would "suit" us. We want to feel love from such person, his care, we want to devote him ourselves. There is a lot of requirements also the most interesting that each person has them the. Here also it turns out that to meet "the" person not and it is simple.
How to distinguish lie
Как распознать ложьProbably, to learn to distinguish lie and so that for certain and always – dreamboat of mankind. Unfortunately, it is hardly possible at least because often the person cannot distinguish even own inventions from reality. However to suspect wrong and to be on "alert", it is not required even special devices.
Whether there is a friendship between the man and the woman
Существует ли дружба между мужчиной и женщинойFriendship between the man and the woman – the myth or reality? It is an eternal question on which how many people, are so much and opinions rather. It is possible to argue as much as necessary, but it is worth trying to understand on the example of concrete life situations.
What to do, if friendship in burden
Что делать, если дружба в тягостьPsychologists for certain can give the answer to such question. "But not to go in each occasion to the psychologist behind council", – I solved, and asked for the help my palsy-walsy. All of them different, all have the opinion, but it, perhaps, even is good – you never know what situations happen – and at the wide range there is a chance that though one council yes is necessary to a place.
About what to speak with the girl
О чем говорить с девушкойLet's say you invited the girl to appointment. Or other way created a situation, when you together. Or she arose – in the train, for example. Generally, differently happens. But there is a moment when you understand that it is necessary to tell something and what exactly – is unclear. Because at school do not teach it and at home usually too …
Communication levels
Уровни общенияCommunication gives to the person a new impulse, pleasure, pleasure which help to cope with boredom, routine of household life, lifts it on new levels in its professional activity. Before telling about levels of communication, let's look that is defining for the concept "communication level".
How to live with neighbors
Как жить с соседямиPeople with whom he communicates enter the world of each person. Often, remembering the acquaintances, remember neighbors in the latest turn, and after all it is people who live with us literally "through a wall" and which it is free or involuntarily, we want that or not, influence our life. Give together with we learn who such "neighbor" and we will solve as with it to live.
How to return respect of the spouse
Как вернуть уважение супругаRespect between spouses or people loving each other – one of the most important factors of the strong and happy relations. The respect is an understanding and acceptance of the person, his identity, recognition of its advantages. The love between people cannot arise if they do not respect each other: it is unlikely you could fall in love "unworthy", in your opinion, the person.
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