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Psychology of the personality

Councils from psychology area which will help not only to lift to themselves and another mood, but also by means of simple tricks to get rid of shortcomings of culture of communication.
Psychology of the personality: all articles
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How to change the character
Как изменить свой характерHow many people – are so much and characters. Two identical people are not present and even the twins indistinguishable at first sight, on the second appear absolutely different people. Character of the person causes his acts of which there is a life. suggests you to track of what there is a character and whether it is possible to change it.
How to define temperament type
Как определить тип темпераментаAs it is frequent, communicating with people, we should be surprised to a difference between us. The perception, speed of decision-making or even simply speed of movements happen absolutely different. We suggest to deal with types of temperaments of the person and to define their pluses and minuses, and also if wish, to pass a test and to learn, what temperament at you.
How to overcome crisis of middle age
Как преодолеть кризис среднего возрастаAbout crisis of middle age it is written and govoreno much. And still many do not perceive this problem seriously. As a rule, it occurs exactly until this state does not strike directly on sceptics. Here any more not to irony, attempts to understand and somehow to cope with crisis take away a set of sincere forces.
How to change the destiny
Как изменить свою судьбуYou noticed, what at your life there are repeating events, as if someone operates your acts? Each undertaking as if breaks about invisible obstacles. It seems to you, what you the loser? Try to recognize the scenario of destiny. It appears, as well as at the play, our life has the scenario and the author.
Gestalt therapy, ch.2 (techniques)
Гештальт-терапия, ч.2 (методики)Big emphasis in gestalt therapy is placed on such receptions as expansion of understanding by the person of true sense of the experiences, attempts to unite feelings, diverse and opposite on sense, and emotions, to development of attention and abilities is thin to perceive himself in general, including external (the body) and internal (feelings) components.
Gestalt therapy, p.1 (bases)
Гештальт-терапия, ч.1 (основы)Gestalt therapy (in translation from it. "image", "figure", "background") – the psychotherapy method promoting distribution of consciousness of the person, and achievement on the basis of it bigger intra personal integrity, fullness and intelligence of life, improvement of contact with surrounding people and the outside world. Considerable number of institutes are occupied with teaching gestalt therapy.
How to learn not to redden
Как научиться не краснетьAs often some people suffer from that at the slightest pretext and without cause redden. Of course, completely to exclude such specific reaction of vessels to external irritants which, quite possibly, is hereditary, it is impossible, however to teach quite reduce extent of its manifestation of can.
Power and psychological health
Энергетика и психологическое здоровьеThe power body (plasma) depending on the force supports on a certain distance limits of a physical body. Trying to leave a condition of apathy by means of tablets, we only ruin our power body. Though there is a mass of natural ways to increase power and as a result psychological health. Let's deal with some of them.
Unconscious, I know you!
Бессознательное, я тебя знаю!Psychoanalysis helps us to understand much more deeply the nature of the personality, unconscious desires. The theory of psychoanalysis is very difficult, each follower of Freud stated the point of view about structure of human reason. It is enough to know some bases of work of our timid friend "unconscious". Let's try to deal with some of them.
How to deserve respect for itself
Как заслужить уважение к себеAll know that at schools and the subsequent educational institutions like to scoff at something the allocated people, and the main at the people who are allocated with the erudition. I will speak about school, but this problem exists on many pieces of a course of life, and everywhere it is necessary to find forces to deserve and keep due respect for itself.
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