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Hairstyles and hairdresses

Councils for a choice of female and man's hairdresses (hairstyles). And also useful information about fashionable short and long man's hairstyles, wedding and evening hairdresses, styling sprays and another.
Hairstyles and hairdresses: all articles
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How to straighten hair the iron
Как выпрямить волосы утюжкомAs it in a feminine way, owners of ideally straight hair dream of beautiful ringlets and a curly hair, and here the last sleep and see themselves with smooth equal hair.
How to make the Hollywood ringlets
Как сделать голливудские локоныBeautiful, well-groomed hair play huge role in an image of the woman, that is why ringlets and curls will never get out of fashion. Of course, in beauty shop to you without problems will make the Hollywood ringlets, but to visit every day the stylist expensive pleasure therefore dear readers of, it would be desirable to tell you how to make the Hollywood ringlets in house conditions.
Brazilian keratin hair straightening
Бразильское кератиновое выпрямление волосDaily hair straightening by means of the iron – long, labor-intensive and tiresome process which bothered all girls wishing to have a smooth straight hair. Besides daily influence by high temperatures deeply injures hair, depriving of them the vital force and gloss. As to be if disobedient curls stick out in different directions?
How to laminate hair in house conditions
Как ламинировать волосы в домашних условияхAny girl knows that each princess has to have beautiful hair. With age changes nothing, and girls spend a great lot of money for promising masks and shampoos. And after all it is necessary for beautiful hair very little! Also will tell about it.
Keratinization of a hair
Кератинизация волосTo look beautiful is an aspiration of each woman. The well-groomed woman is a beautiful skin, a slim figure, and, of course, smooth brilliant hair. Here it would also be desirable to tell about hair in more detail.
Mesotherapy for hair
Мезотерапия для волосThick, beautiful, healthy and brilliant hair can be carried undoubtedly to advantages of any woman, and it is difficult to argue with it. But in the conditions of modern life at our ecology, improper feeding and the wrong care of hair very few women can brag really magnificent, and, above all - healthy hair.
Coloring of hair henna
Окрашивание волос хнойColoring of hair is procedure quite popular now which almost all women use. From year to year producers offer us more and more various paints with the improved structure, however natural dyes all the same do not lose the relevance. How after all coloring of hair henna in house conditions becomes? In practice everything is very simply.
Amla oil for strengthening of hair
Масло амлы для укрепления волосI believe, many when viewing bright and musical Indian movies paid attention to surprising beauty and density of hair at girls and women. How they manage to let grow such long and thick braids? Indians use amla oil for care of hair. Now it can be got not only in India, but also in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.
How to make laying the hair dryer
Как сделать укладку феномIdeal figure, beautiful dress, smart shoes, everything can be spoiled a negligent hairdress. Hair are natural ornament which was presented to us by the nature, and our task to help them to look even better. Accurately set hair or evening laying for the special moments – in it are not present every day anything difficult if you are able to set hair the hair dryer.
How to make effect of wet hair
Как сделать эффект мокрых волосThis year fashionable podiums as if went crazy – practically all designers unanimously declared fashion on "wet" laying. Skillfully created image looks defiantly and sexually. But after all to make such hairdress it is difficult, important not to go too far in quantity of means for laying, differently your head will look not tidy, and hair – dirty.
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