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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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Use of nicotinic acid
Применение никотиновой кислотыNicotinic acid has no relation to cigarettes. It is RR vitamin, one of V-complex components. Nicotinic acid has beneficial influence on a human body, it apply, both in medicine, and in cosmetology.
What is the floating
Что такое флоатингBeauty – guarantee of health. Any modern person will not undertake to challenge this axiom. Therefore the weakening procedure – a floating comes to the rescue. It is a unique session at which the patient plunges into a state similar to zero gravity.
How to correct a bite
Как исправить прикусStatistically, about 80-90 percent of the population suffer from a rough arrangement of teeth – in other words, have the wrong bite. In most cases simply to diagnose it by method of visual survey for the orthodontist. According to experts, any kinds of the wrong bite give in to correction, and not only at children, and and at adult age.
The moistening face packs
Увлажняющие маски для лицаFor anybody not a secret that the human body for 80% consists of water. Therefore it is not surprising that face skin demands regular moistening to have a fresh and fresh appearance. After all from a lack of moisture there are wrinkles, peelings and premature signs of aging. Today there is a mass of ways of moistening of skin, one of the most effective and simple methods are masks.
Application of a chistotel from spots
Применение чистотела от прыщейThere were times when chistotet enjoyed improbable popularity among judges of house cosmetology. Even in spite of the fact that this very poisonous plant. But also today did not forget about its curative properties, from a chistotel prepare tinctures and broths, and also use in pure form juice, first of all, for treatment of spots.
How to make manicure with a foil
Как сделать маникюр с фольгой Today already you will surprise nobody with drawings on nails, the manicure shining in the dark and even a covering with slices of the ordinary newspaper. The manicure with use of a foil is a new direction of a neyl-art which managed to win popularity among fans of nail design.
What is the sand therapy
Что такое песочная терапияIt is unlikely there will be many people who in the childhood did not play in a sandbox. But, building sand castles, hardly someone from children reflects that they, thus, express the feelings and the relation to world around. Today scientists developed the whole direction – sand therapy which helps not only to children, but also adults.
How to refuse the sweet
Как отказаться от сладкогоResearches show that many women consider love to sweet as the reason of the excess weight. And all of them would like to exclude once and for all any sweets from the life to put a figure in order. Whether really fault to all sugar delicacies? Today also we will understand.
Use of Epsom salt
Применение английской солиEpsom salt received the name thanks to that it was invented in England at the end of the XVII century. Actually is a sulfate of magnesium, and receive it by evaporation of sea or mineral water. Its application is very broad: both in medicine, and in cosmetology, and in a household, it captured actually all spheres of our life.
Use of anisic oil
Применение анисового маслаAnise – one of the most popular spices which not only does dishes fragrant, but also stimulates digestive organs, and positively influences an emotional condition of the person. From this plant extract valuable anisic oil which consider very active, and accept strictly on a dosage.
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